Flea finds....

As promised, here are photos of my finds from the Funky Junk Sisters show.

I scored the two wooden scoops above from Roost.  I love the
raw wood patina and will most likely use them
in my kitchen flour and sugar canisters.

I also picked up the basket pictured above from Molly Mo's.  I think it was
originally intended to be used for magazines but I 
think it will find a home in one of my bathrooms - 
perfect for extra towels!

And just for fun - this attention starved doggy was bugging me the
entire time I was shooting these photos - almost as if
he wanted me to take his photo, so I indulged the pooch.  He is looking a bit 
scraggly but he did have a bath this weekend! I totally
know he just wanted to make the blog today!
7 comments on "Flea finds...."
  1. LOVE the wooden scoops!!!!!

  2. Great finds and what an adorable assistant you have.

  3. Every great blogger has gratuitous pet photos - the towel stand looks great

  4. Great finds and what a clever idea for the basket!

  5. Love the items you found. Those scoops are fantastic.
    And your fur baby is adorable...those eyes are so expressive.

  6. Amazing how those big brown eyes will just melt your heart, isn't it, Jill...??? :) Oh what we will do to keep them happy...lol! ♥

    xoxo laurie

  7. I am so glad that the scoops and napkin rings found a good home with you. Thanks for buying local and helping this working mom out! Roost Reimagined


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