All good things must come to an end.....

Today is the day.....
I sent my girls back to school, 5th and 8th grade respectively.
This will be the last year my girls attend the same school until
they are both in high school - in 4 years, I can't even think about THAT.

This day always feels like a new beginning for me, a time to set the 'refresh' button,
catch up after a busy summer, make plans, see my girlfriends for coffee and lunch,
get back to a regular work-out schedule and enjoy some much needed 'me' time.

I know I am a girl who prefers a routine.
Call me boring, predictable, that's ok.
I know who I am and summer sometimes kicks my ass.

I am also a girl who needs time with myself, alone.
I crave time in my home, just me.
Let's just say that has been a rare occurrence over the 
last three months.

Don't get me wrong, I love these people, those fresh faces
pictured above. We had a GREAT summer.
 I love that my 8th grader still
looks {and acts} much younger than her 14 year old self.....and
I am slightly sad that her gap toothed smile will be
changed forever when her braces go on in December.

I love the nerves my little one had this morning.....she is 
not comfortable with change and 'new' things....she IS
a homebody and going to school for many hours a day is
not her favorite thing{wonder where she gets that from?}.

When we arrived at school, both girls jumped out of my car quickly and 
ran to friends and teachers, hardly looking back......
this momma thinking about all that lies ahead.
And here we go!

5 comments on "All good things must come to an end....."
  1. i hope they have a great first day. and i hope you are really enjoying your free time.

  2. Yes....and here we go!

    Love that first picture
    of both your girls, together.
    SO sweet!!

    I hope it is a wonderful
    school year ~ for all three
    of you : ) !!

    xo Suzanne

  3. Summer kicked my ass as well. I love to be on track. Gotta get to all those things forgotten while enjoying the summer with the kids.

  4. I needed to read this today! Understood words on shared feelings.
    I wrote on my five heading off to school yesterday.. http://ourfunwithfive.blogspot.com/2012/09/five-kids-off-to-school.html

  5. I could have written this post word for word. You and me's like peas and carrots. I hope you are having a wonderful week!


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