Project No. 1

Today is day 3 of the first week of school.  

As much as I wanted to send my little darlings
off to school and immediately begin tackling the many
house projects I have had whirling around in my
head all summer.......that has not happened - yet.

I spent the better part of the last two days socializing, catching
up with girlfriends which has been wonderful - and provided
some much needed 'me' time.

However, I am ready to go and share with all of you
the first home project I am going to tackle.

The photo above was taken a few months ago when I 
painted the backs of our built-in shelving {SW Urbane Bronze}.
I liked the look fine but I am over it - it really does not
'go' with the rest of the space.  I feel like the shelves could
use some texture, and debated using grasscloth wallpaper.
However, inspiration struck after seeing the multitude
of horizontal planked walls
on Pinterest these days.

via Pinterest
I am planning on DIY-ing this look on the back of my

via Pinterest

So what fall projects are you tackling that were inspired by Pinterest?
Do tell!

3 comments on "Project No. 1"
  1. ooohhh... that will be gorgeous! Cant wait to see the pictures. I love the brown too though by the way.

  2. I can't wait to see it! I'm in full on Autumn nesting mode myself. I can't quite decide what to do next but I think I'm going to spend tomorrow on the sewing machine working on pillows and maybe curtains.


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