Fiddle Leaf Fig: An Update

See those black edges on my precious Fiddle Leaf Fig {aka the most 
frequent flyer in any well designed space}......

After some research I found out those black edges are due to
OVER-WATERING!  Oh Fiddle Leaf Fig, this is
a first for me.....usually I kill plants because of under-watering.
See how much I love you?

I am determined to make you beautiful and design magazine worthy....
just you wait and see.
5 comments on "Fiddle Leaf Fig: An Update"
  1. I am terrified of doing the same to mine! It's very hard to get used to how little watering they need. Good luck!

  2. i have had house plants for probably 35 years. I barely water them. I just checked them earlier today and they were BONE dry. I give them a good drink and don't think about them again for many days. I have two Christmas cactus that bloom off and on all year - not just at Christmas. So cut back on the water and let them get good and dry between. Hopefully that will help.

  3. I have one, too that I bought a month ago and it had spots already. Good to know about the over watering.

  4. I got a 7 foot one for my birthday in November. I never water it. Maybe once every week or every 10 days. It's doing fantastic, knock on wood. I named mine figgy

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