Sparkle.....please watch and pass along!

My friend Suzanne, from Privet & Holly, posted about her sweet cousin
and her battle with leukemia.  Campbell "Soup",
is 7 years old and would like nothing
more than to meet singer Carrie Underwood.
Go HERE to read Suzanne's post that provides
additional beautiful details of a  special little girl's dream!

No better reason to break my blogging break.

Be back Monday with my regular/irregular posts.
1 comment on "Sparkle.....please watch and pass along!"
  1. Thank you, Jill!

    You are so kind to
    help spread the word
    about our little Soup.

    I am confident with
    all the goodness that
    exists in the world,
    that Soup's wish will
    come true. You most
    definitely fall in that

    Love & Hugs,


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