Tuesday, January 29, 2013


I love Instagram for so many reasons...mainly I love that it
encourages us to capture those everyday moments and observations
that might otherwise be overlooked or forgotten.  What can I
say, I am a lover of life's small moments. So today, I thought
I would share some of my small moments with all of you.
I have titled each of them appropriately.

The photos above were all taken while we
were in central Oregon for Christmas - the snow was amazing!
I took the photo of me, my girls and my mom when we did a Starbucks
run on Christmas Eve morning - it was a baseball cap/no make-up morning.
'Imperfect Pretties'
 I am dreadful about posting photos of myself on my blog - and I strongly dislike
having my photo taken.  I am trying to be better, cause it's just so silly.  The photo
above was taken a couple weeks ago and shows my 40-somthing year old self and each
of my well earned wrinkles and laugh lines.  The center photo was taken in 
my yard when a frozen fog layered covered everything, including this 
long abandoned spider web - lesson to be learned, something so imperfect can be beautiful!
And finally some perfectly pretty fabrics for a client project {heeeey Jenny H.!}
I call the collage above 'Happy' - 'cause who
doesn't like pretty fabrics, a good magazine, Ina's Yogurt Lemon Cake
and primroses outside in January?

'My Cup is Half Full'
And finally, like many mothers, I find myself doing
loads of driving between the hours of 3:00 and 9:00. 
The upside to all this driving is witnessing some
gorgeous sunsets this time of year.....I
captured this one when driving daughter #1
to basketball practice.....

Here's to life's small moments.....AND Instagram!

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  1. I love the last pic. It looks as if God is just shining down upon your drive. I love to capture simple moments....those are the best...Blessings!

  2. Wonderful photos! Love the spider web!

  3. I love Instagram but I am very new to it. I still have such a lot to learn. I have no idea how to do a collage. I especially love your sunset photo. Sally x

  4. Yay for IG. Love how it helps us stay connected. Btw you're gorgeous. You need more pics of yourself on there.


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