Monday, January 28, 2013

Young House Love Lighting ......inspired space.

Have you seen the new Young House Love
lighting collection at Shades of Light? It really is 
fantastic and very reasonably priced.  I was
particularly smitten with the 'Large Globe Light'
pictured above, it comes in SEVEN colors!  

While I gravitate to a more traditional design aesthetic 
in my own home, I am at heart a design-junkie who
appreciates all kinds of styles. 

This fixture could be used in so many 
different spaces.  For fun, I created a design
board for a modern living space using
the Large Globe Light!  I like to
 keep modern spaces from feeling too 'cold' by
incorporating lots of texture - the flokati rug,
grasscloth wallpaper and mirrored coffee table all add
those important elements of texture to the space!

Modern space
I would love to help you design the room of your dreams - whether
it be traditional, contemporary, eclectic, glam or transitional.
I have a couple e-design client openings in the month of February - 
please email me at 
so we can chat about your project!

Happy Monday to you!  

*** this is NOT a sponsored post - I just love the new lighting collection!

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  1. This is the modern that I love. I normally love the vintage or the classics but this one is something different from any other designs that I have seen before. It really has inspired me to do a lot of things now, I hope that I can see more of your work here. It's really amazing!


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