Loving: Antique Rugs

First, thank you for all your kind comments on my new blog design.
I was so overdue for an updated look!  I am still learning
my way around - it's almost like driving a new car! 

Now, let's get this party started....

My love for using vintage objects in design is well known
around here.  However, I have not often used antique rugs.
But that's all about to change!
There is a patina to antique rugs that just can't seem
to be replicated by anything new.  In contemporary
spaces, an antique rug provides just enough color, texture
and balance.  These photos are so inspiring!


I have been perusing Ebay and have found
a few good sellers of antique Persian rugs.  So far
I have lost a couple auctions but I intend to be patient....
waiting for just the right one at the right price.
Wish me luck!
5 comments on "Loving: Antique Rugs"
  1. I've never bought an antique rug but these are so beautiful...wouldn't mine owning one :)

  2. :)
    Karen Sletten's grandma and aunt made many braided rugs....they also owned a fabric store- so the fabric was good quality and never had children in the house--so the rugs are still beautiful.....and in the family! They are beautiful!! I think there is one in Chetek! :)

    Fun to read your blog- you are so talented!! I'd love to turn you loose on my bear walls!!

  3. OOPS
    That was my comment above--new to this comment leaving thing!!

    Ginny Rassier

  4. We bought a gorgeous
    one for our library/office
    ten years ago on ebay.....
    It was 30 years old, so
    considered an "antique."
    With ten more years on
    it now, it is only more
    lovely in my eyes. I'd
    love to replace the nylon
    one in our dining room
    with another antique, too!

    Good luck!

    xo Suzanne

  5. Those are beauties! I hope you snatch one up "for cheap" for your very own. Excited to see what you get and what you do with it. Blessings!


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