A happy front door.....{a girl's entitled to change her mind, right?}


Really, from the moment I applied the hunter green {circa 1985} paint
to my front door, I knew it wasn't right.  But I am stubborn and was
under the gun to complete the project....I even posted it's sad
state on my blog....pretending like, "oh look at me, bringing 1985 back"....
You guys didn't buy it and neither did I.

While perusing the almighty Pinterest I stumbled upon
the image above and was instantly smitten with the happy red door.
I researched the photo source and did some digging for the exact
color of the beautiful red front door.  It is Sherwin Williams "Cherry Tomato".

*the outside of the house is SW Sea Salt

I wasted no time in covering that horrible green - for the last
couple weeks, every time I drove up to my house I literally
heard 'wah, wah, wah'......it just wasn't happy, it was tired -
and way too tired for a freshly painted door.

And speaking of haPpY.....happy Monday everyone!

I'm spending my day at 8th grade graduation festivities 
and parties.....I am one proud momma!

19 comments on "A happy front door.....{a girl's entitled to change her mind, right?}"
  1. It's lovely! And oh so cherry and cheery! :0)

  2. Very pretty! Just like adding a great lipstick lol.

    1. Hi Elizabeth -
      Wish I was daring enough to wear red lipstick!

  3. yep - the red is so much better and I love it with the brick

  4. I agree with Elizabeth! Just like a new lip color!! I love it, Jill! I can tell it's much happier now. lol

    xoxo laurie

  5. Oh yes, that is a nice looking paint combo! Yippee for color number two:)

  6. Oh me likey! xo Allie

  7. Jill your door looks great! I love the bright pop of color, so happy!!

    xo, Tanya

  8. Love it! I painted my front door green last fall and just painted it again back to black.

    1. Ok, so I am not the only cray-cray one! Just kidding!

  9. Love it! Adore it! If mine wasn't already a happy color I might have to go with that. Well done lady!

  10. Thumbs up big time! I don't know you personally but by reading your blog, that color fits you so much more than the green. A bright color for a bright personality :O) Blessings!

  11. I have nothing against Hunter Green, but I have to agree the new red paint seems like a much better fit for your house. It's bright, cheerful and gives off a very welcoming feel. I'm glad that you decided to jump the gun and get it changed despite the small time frame in between paint jobs.

  12. I think Hunter Green looks good. It's just that it didn't fit your exteriors. But, yes, I must say that red is the loveliest and most attractive color of all. Anyway, at least, you're now relieved and more positive about your front door. Never be afraid to try and fail; you can always repaint your door anytime you want.


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