Who says you need a sofa?

I have always loved a conversation 
grouping like the one pictured above.

So, when clients asked me to 
help them with the design for a VERY awkward living space
{holy cow, two spaces with a fireplace smack
in the middle!}, I knew I had found the opportunity to design {half}
 the room without a sofa.  The room is asymmetrical, has no
less than 5 doorways, 2 windows and did I mention
a fireplace sort of in the middle of it all?

To be perfectly fair, the home is a lovely old
farmhouse that has been updated, although
somewhat awkwardly.  This project, like any,
has it's challenges and this room/s is one of them!
The homeowner prefers warm 'fall' colors and wants
a 'sophisticated' farmhouse look.  

So what do you think?  Does designing a room without a sofa
scare you?  Or like me, do you find this kind
of grouping inviting and cozy?

5 comments on "Who says you need a sofa?"
  1. I have seen this done and love it! In actuality, many of us prefer having our very own seating and don't enjoy sharing a sofa. It is nice to have your own chair in a room and may end up being the preferred half of the room. Great idea!

    Blessings ~ Brenda

  2. We recently bought a house with the most ill-designed family room... I was just saying to my husband that I thought the only furniture remedy is 4 chairs in a similar configuration to what you show above. The only problem is that we have five children, so that means several people will be out of luck on chairs. sigh.

  3. I love the idea of four chairs...I think as long as you have a sofa in another room..you know for catnaps and such. Great post!

  4. Totally love it !! If my living room was wider I would do this in a heartbeat.

  5. I think a chair grouping
    is actually more intimate
    for two couples to visit
    versus a sofa facing two
    chairs. If I had a "formal"
    living room, I'd definitely
    consider it.

    I bet you are really having
    F U N with this one....I like
    your mood boards!

    xo Suzanne


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