Adding summer to your home....

Most of us can't redecorate every season, but I often
find myself itching to lighten and brighten my home come
summer and then cozy it up come fall.  I thought I
would share a couple ideas with you.

For summer, I simply added a couple of my straw
hats to our back door coat rack along with
bags that I take to the farmer's market or beach.
Besides the practicality and convenience of having those items handy
as I head out the door,
they also bring a summer feel to our home.

Fresh cut flowers in vases are a great way
to bring summer inside.  When planting my outdoor
gardens, I always try to include plants that make
great cuttings.  In just over the two years we have
lived in our home, I have added many hydrangea, lilac,
daisies and peonies just so I can have flowers to cut
and bring inside.  

Other relatively easy ways to lighten and brighten for summer 
is to replace your Persian rugs with sisal or seagrass - 
or even no rug at all.  Also, switch pillows out to 
lighter versions, floral or some nautical stripes.  
Bringing in lighter accessories - white vases, 
sea shell collections etc....can also make your home
compatible with the season!

And let me tell you - it is definitely summer in the
PNW, we hit temperatures in the 90's this 
weekend which is very unusual for us this early.
I actually turned our air conditioning on!

4 comments on "Adding summer to your home...."
  1. I am loving this PNW weather too! We had to turn on our ac also! I live your summer decorating ideas!


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  2. I love the breezy feel of your coat rack! Makes me want to snatch up one of those bags and make my way to a pretty flower market somewhere. ;)

  3. I love your casual coat rack display ~ perfect combo of form AND function! It has been a hot one the past couple of days in the PNW but thankful for the sunshine.

  4. Great ideas Jill. Love that pillow in your white chair!


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