Farm Chicks 2013.....

 Farm Chicks 2013 didn't disappoint....this year was different though...
My friend Mary, who attended her first Farm Chicks show last year
was a vendor this year!  I helped her set up and style her booth on Friday.
As a shopper and overall fan of vintage goods, it was such a thrill to 
see all the vendors setting up their booths - so much creativity 
under one roof!  Plus, I got a sneak peek at the goods which made
for very efficient shopping on Saturday morning!
The photo above shows us {me in the center} in Mary's empty booth space -
before we worked our magic....
 The show was bigger this year - more vendors, many of the new.
My favorites are still Uber Chic, Great Findz and Junebug!

The crowds were crazy!  Truth be told, it really is not my
favorite way to shop - selfishly, I liked the previous two years
when Serena offered early buying tickets but I understand
that from a business perspective, it makes sense to get the most
people through the doors. When we arrived on Saturday, my 
curiosity got the best of me and I asked the first people in line
what time they had gotten there.......they told me 4:30 am!
I would say the line was over a hundred yards long an hour
before the show opened!  Diehard vintage shoppers, I tell ya!

My favorite part of my Farm Chicks weekends are always 
hanging out with my girlfriends.  The tradition
of our pre-show Chaps dinner continued with both old and 
new friends - {that's Beth Quinn who was in from Arizona
doing her third Farm Chicks show}......There is just nothing
like good food, a nice glass of wine, music, a hug from Celeste
{Chaps' owner}, along with the company of good friends.

See ya next year Spokane!

{coming soon - what I bought!}

6 comments on "Farm Chicks 2013....."
  1. Thank you for sharing the pictures. I can't wait to see what you bought!

  2. Looks like fun! Can't wait to see what you bought :)

  3. Love Beth's stuff. Looks like so much fun...except for the crowds. Not a fan.

  4. Oh that looks like an amazing time! I hope to make it there next year :) Thank you for sharing a little Farm Chicks with us!

    xo, Tanya

  5. Cute pictures! Sounds like the perfect weekend away! Find anything extra exciting? Can't wait to see!

  6. I have never heard of Farm Chick before but I am in love. It must have been an awesome opportunity to help set up and get an idea of where everything was going to be. Thank you for sharing photos from your awesome shopping experience.

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