we have A chicken....

Can you see her?

We have considered getting backyard chickens - just a small 
coop, but have decided it's not happening this year....
perhaps, next spring? We'll see.

In the meantime, I thought this sweet vintage
chicken would dress up our patio
nicely for the summer....

I found her at the Farm Chicks Antiques Show
in Spokane a few weeks ago...
I have to admit, I had trouble buying this year....
could have been me, but I am really over
the whole faux painting EVERYTHING 
trend.....{sorry to my antiques selling friends!}.
And I realize that creativity is hard, but
I did not see anything NEW.  Like I said,
could have been me.....

But I love my chicken......I asked for name
suggestions on Instagram {you can find me HERE}
  - Gertrude, Hattie, Wanda and
Nugget were all suggested....
So what do you think?

10 comments on "we have A chicken...."
  1. I love your chicken! I keep wanting a coop with a few laying hens but my husband isn't quite as sure. But your type of chicken would definitely win him over : )

  2. My husband and I have an ongoing 'battle' about my desire for chickens... someday, maybe... I like yours! and I have to agree, I still like the look of painted furniture but now when I see it I often think to myself that in a few years there will be stripping and refinishing all over pinterest.

  3. I have two of that same chicken... nice and chippy just like yours! My real chickens are named Thelma & Louise (Araucanas), Lucy & Ethel (Rhode Island Reds) and Daisy, Duke that is (White Leghorn). I thought they were all good chicken names :) Have fun naming this one!


  4. we have chickens and love them. as to your quandry at the show, I felt the same way at a similar show. I think there is part of me that loves finding the junk in its pure form. I am finding more at garage sales, really dusty old flea markets where no one has heard of Pinterest, charity thrift stores... That is more fun. I guess I just don't want my junk already made-over, I want to make-it-over myself! Is that weird?

  5. Your backyard patio is beautiful, like a secret garden!! Your chicken is pretty fun too!


  6. I was just thinking yesterday
    that you hardly ever hear the
    name SHIRLEY anymore. Or
    how about GLADYS?

    I feel exactly as you do about
    the vintage shows these days.
    I don't feel motivated to buy
    any of it. Kind of the same old
    {yawn} same old. I skipped JB
    this year for that reason. I am
    more into junk and antique shops
    rather than the sales.....

    Happy Friday. Hope you have
    some great things on your weekend

    xo Suzanne

  7. Remember you started my chicken collection so many years ago by convincing me I needed one. Still have that chicken. Your chicken is fabulous. I vote for Hattie. Aunt George <3

  8. she is perfect!! we tried them twice with terrible results both times. broke my heart. but they are just so darned cute!!

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