Cali bound.....

where it all began!

Our family is California bound to watch this cute soccer
player {who turns 15 a month from TODAY} 
play in 'the best of the best' San Diego Surf Cup
soccer tournament.  As her mom, I am bursting
with pride at her accomplishments on the soccer field,
but more importantly, who my soon-to-be freshman
in high school is as a person - her work ethic, tenacity
and values have all shown up big this summer.

I will be taking the next week off from blogging but
wanted to tell you all how much I loved the love
YOU showed me on my last post.  You girls
obviously LOVE a good thrift store score!
I worried about being all, 'look at me and what I got'
so your kind comments and online cheers were 
heartwarming to say the least!

Also - thanks for all the suggestions on where to 
get my shop-on in SoCal - I will try and get to 
as many as possible and share photos in a blog
post when I return!

Ok - off to be a cray-cray soccer mom!

3 comments on "Cali bound....."
  1. Good luck to your keeper! We will be following your updates from WI. OMG...15!!!!

  2. Have fun in San Diego. My husband and I were stationed there a little over ten years ago. I loved living there and miss it dearly. If you are a breakfast lover then you must try The Mission. They have the best french toast. There are several locations one being in La Jolla and another in Pacific Beach. Have fun shopping and of course watching your daughter score in soccer.

  3. I'm proud of her too. And I've never even met her. Wooooooot!!! Have fun in San Diego.


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