Vintage art......

When I was in central Oregon last week for the 4th of July, I managed
to get out and hit a few antiques stores with my mom.
I was feeling in a bit of an antiquing slump -
even my Farm Chicks finds didn't really excite me - 
but hitting a few new places held some promise!

Well, I really found some great things, including
this beautiful vintage oil painting!  Can you believe
it was just $20?  It was unframed but I happen to 
have an old frame that fit it perfectly!

I am so happy with the color it brings to this corner
of my living room - and LOOK my fiddle leaf fig plant
is still fiddling along!

I am a big believer of using REAL art in your home -
I literally cringe every time I see someone carrying
a poster out of Ikea or HomeGoods -
not that there is anything wrong with grabbing
something if you need to fill a space, but with a little
patience and perseverance, your walls can look
a whole lot more interesting!  And REAL
art doesn't have to break the bank!

What great finds have you discovered recently?

3 comments on "Vintage art......"
  1. So pretty! I love that vintage is unique, one of a kind.

  2. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Etsy for finding things like this. Great selection of art and so many sellers on etsy to choose from.. Art is easy to come by in both oil on cavas and hand done things..
    Your pc is beautiful and what a great spot for it.. Beautiful....


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