Look Up…..

I feel almost hypocritical posting this, as I rely a great deal
on social media for my business and life in general….

And I also feel strongly that technology and 
social media can be very beneficial and have led me
to opportunities and connections that would otherwise
have been impossible…..

But as the mother of tween and teen girls, I also agree with
lots of the points made in this video.  And I admit,
I have been guilty, in life, of looking down too much
some days…..

Watch and let me know what you think…..
shouldn't we all 'LOOK UP' more?
5 comments on "Look Up….."
  1. Gah......I saw that pop up a few places but hadn't watched it yet. That hit way too close to home.

  2. Wow!...this is really great....made me cry.....we just don't realize
    how deceived we've been living all we are really miss out on!
    Thank you for sharing this!

  3. Agreed, and I am most guilty of this even in a family of four teens! I tend to "forget" my phone when we go out just so I won't be tempted to check Instagram or FB while with my family :)

  4. I just watched this video earlier today (someone I know had posted it on Facebook -- ha!) and love it. I think the message is wonderful. As the owner of a flip phone (or dumb phone as I like to call it), I am tired of people always looking down at their phones, even when they are at dinner with another person. Really? Face-to-face communication is becoming a lost art. It's sad and it's scary. I hope the tide shifts away from everyone using social media all the time and being slaves to their smart phones. Our culture is at stake! My husband accuses me of spending too much time on the computer, which makes me feel bad. And my dogs will sit and whine when I'm on the computer for too long. Okay, I can take a hint. Time for me to log off so I can actually DO something!

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