the body pillow....it does a couch good!

*I am feeling all naughty and rebellious.....hubby is out of town and I just finished feeding
my girls' dinner...after they cleared their dishes, they headed upstairs 
happily together {a rarer occurrence as they get older}....I poured
myself a glass of wine and am sitting down to finish this post
BEFORE cleaning up the kitchen....I am such a rebel!

Are ya sick of hearing about my living room yet? Remember the
room that held all the 'misfit' furniture and the couch with the big
print crazy slipcover?  I figure if I can decorate around that
slipcover I instantly earn my official interior designer membership card!

The room continues to 'evolve'.....that's code for "I still need to get the
chairs to the upholsterer, have my hubby hang the new lantern fixture on 
one of our 'free' weekends, find the perfect cowhide rug, reupholster the 
Louis chair in a black and white ticking fabric, among a million other things....."

However, progress was made last week.

The photo below shows the sad crazy, could be in grandma's house sofa before last week.....

And here she is with her new 'break-up my crazy pattern' bolster pillow!

My daughter has a Pottery Barn Teen feather body pillow on her bed so I
tried it for size - perfect fit!  I was not able to find a feather filled body
pillow in any local stores that matched PB Teen's quality, 
so I ordered another from PB Teen, had a local
workroom make a cover in a cream linen with a flat black linen welt.

I love the clean lines and simplicity of a bolster pillow on a sofa.......
especially when you need to break up a crazy pattern. 
This sofa happens to be quite deep as well so the bolster provides 
needed back support!

And while I had once regretted the damask patterned sofa, I am 
now loving the 'not your average white slipcover' look.  
This is a formal living room on the same floor
as our great room. And while I want to do a different look in this room,
 it still must relate to the rest of the house.  

Ok.....time to get to the dinner dishes.  Cheers!
11 comments on "the body pillow....it does a couch good!"
  1. I have to say that I LOVE the print of your sofa! ;) It really looks great Jill~ xo Rachel

  2. I think your sofa is really pretty - especially with the new pillow!

  3. Love it! I too recovered a body pillow that I flip between our sofa and our bed (just for decoration) I love watching your rooms evolve!

  4. I too love that pillow!! Perfect!!

  5. I love it!! I am not sick of the evolving living room, I love what you do in your decorating!!

  6. Call me crazy, but I think that is a pretty couch (and I love it's shape too). The pillow is a great idea and how lovely that would be for a little nap or lounging.

  7. Hi I have to agree with alot of the oyhter comments i really like the print on the sofa something different ina world of white
    Kind Regards
    PS: I too have a sofa in my great room (family room here in Australia)that I'm not sure about.

  8. I love this sofa. Call me when your tired of it.. :)

  9. They are look lovely in more design. This is great, easy and efficient way to the put on Accent Pillows case.

  10. I too like a change from all the painters cloth slipcovers. The pattern and pillow give it an unique look. I never have liked going with trends. In a way I wish I di, it would sure make life easy and safe, but then where's the quirky ess that makes life interesting. I love your new look!

  11. First of all, don't you love it when the kids go quietly off upstairs together leaving you to enjoy a glass of wine? Secondly, the pillow is perfect! The room looks great!


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