My story...our home....

Of course, when I posted photos of our great room a few days
ago, I did so with great trepidation....Despite blogging about
design, home-keeping and whatever else gets posted here, I feel completely
freaked out about putting our home out there in blogland among the perfectly
designed, styled and coiffed spaces.  I am ashamed to admit to having those feelings, at my
age I should be way beyond that.....and truth be told, I don't decorate
or style our home for this blog, for a magazine, for Pinterest......
I style and decorate our home for the people I share it with,
the most important people in my world.....who often roll their eyes as they watch me do 
what I seem to do best - crazy fluffing, styling, collecting, home-keeping momma.  
What I do in our home, creating spaces that are personal, and comfortable
and meaningful is an imperfect expression of the
love I feel for those I share our home with.

Your compliments, my bloggy friends are lovely.  I wish
I could enjoy each of your company in my in great room, while sipping 
a nice glass of wine.  That's what homes and pretty spaces
are best used for......Instead I will leave you with these thoughts...

If you will remember, I went back to part-time professional work
a few months ago....it has been an adjustment and has completely
pushed me to evaluate what is most important to me and how
I want to define and live the second half of my life.....My small, yet
growing collection of vintage book titles above provide 
clues to the simple, yet so important role I intend to ROCK!
Long live the QUEEN!

15 comments on "My story...our home...."
  1. SO so true! (Loved your great room, btw and I think it's magazine-worthy). I don't want my home to look like I'm trying to sell (or show I can buy) the latest trend, I want it to reflect who we are and what's important to us...and it definitely looks true for you too. Truth is that some people don't have a knack for creating that, so you sharing your ideas and designs inspires others. (And some people just get confused and think it's "too perfect" - doesn't it make you giggle?)

  2. I love how much you embrace and enjoy homemaking! The modern woman: comfortable working AND nesting and being proud of both! Your home is lovely and inspiring by the way - thank you for putting it out there.

  3. what a lovely post...i admire your decorating philosophy and can relate! i wish you all the best as you pursue your Home-Maker, House-Wife, Rockin' Mama self!!
    That's my job and i'm stickin' to it :)

  4. Oh Jill I ADORE your books....Little Women was my absolute FAVE as a young girl....As a matter of fact I got my copy out of storage & re-read it over Christmas....**LOVE**....!!

    Now I'm off for a GOOD catch up & to check out your great room....!!

    Hope you're having a BRILLIANT week....!

    Tamarah :o)

  5. I have areas I style for art's sake and pure decoration and the rest of the house is styled for comfort and "us". Ha!!
    So I know what you mean....comfort is key for sure.
    Love the old books....I have quite a collection too. Treasures!!

  6. Jill, your home is truly lovely but your heart and spirit are even lovelier. Hugs, Jen

  7. You are a wonderful homemaker & designer and an even better mother, you rock! I only wish I had the eye for design that you have...long live friend!

  8. Your home is lovely and your blog is one of my favorites! Thanks for sharing.

  9. I always love seeing new photos of your beautiful home! :)
    Did you get my email with my address?I still havent received the magazine..just checking~ xo Rachel

  10. Hello my Pac NW
    friend! I've had
    fun catching up
    on your posts....
    I'm not used to
    you posting so
    often : ) Like you,
    I love being a
    homemaker! I
    wonder how you
    are able to do it
    so well with your
    new job? 'Cuz you
    sure are an inspiration,
    to me!

    xx Suzanne

  11. Jill ~ I feel the same way you do about my home. Sometimes I feel - dare I say - inadequate, when I post pictures of my home on my blog. So, how are you balancing home and work life? I don't have little ones at home anymore (I have a 21-year old son at home who commutes to college), but I work outside the home 3 days/week...and truth be told, I'd much rather be at home FT. My heart is definitely not in my job outside the home! Though if I were at a job I actually enjoyed, it would probably be different.

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  13. i can totally relate to this blog post. it's hard putting yourself out there...but i love that you did! and the room looks fab...we all love it!

    ashley over @

  14. My husband teases me about always rearranging things,but he loves the home we have created together. It will never be in a magazine, but it is us. The important thing is that your family enjoys the time spent together.


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