{this is me}

I can count on one hand the number of times I have posted a photo
of myself on this blog.....it's a HUGE departure from my comfort zone....

So, when Jeanne Oliver asked me to be part of her series about regular
women who wear her clothing, I decided to take a leap and submit
a photo. Here I am wearing the "Audrey French Tunic" dress. 
Despite the shadows around my middle making me look preggers {I am NOT},
the tunic is comfortable and flattering {without the shadows}.  

This photo is just a small step out of my comfort zone, something I need/want
to do more of.....leave the safety zone {I live in the safety zone}.....go out on a limb....accept a challenge....dream big dreams!

This is me....today....at almost 45 years young......looking to ROCK
the next 45 years.

20 comments on "{this is me}"
  1. Jill: This is a BEAUTIFUL photo of you. I like this Jeanne Oliver pc as well. Heres to stepping out of your comfort zone. Oh and to rocking the next 45 years....

  2. Don't know why you don't post more photos of yourself- you are beautiful! Really love this chic casual look too!

  3. I know just how you feel,I too am 45 and don't like photos of myself.Though you look to be about 35 and the dress is darling on you.Thanks for being brave~Cheers Kim

  4. You look awesome, Jill and so chic!

  5. You are looking fabulous!!! And I love the outfit

  6. The world has enough super models :) You are beautiful! Thank You for posting. Love the top too!!

  7. You silly girl, you don't look pregnant at all, I think you look long and lean and fantastic!! Lets get together soon! Allie

  8. You are adorable Jill! As I am sure many have said before, you look so young! Love your blog too!

  9. Well, aren't you just beautiful! :) Love your hair. :) Oh, and of course the tunic. ;)

  10. Oh how I MISS you! You look beautiful in that tunic! Super cute photo.

  11. You're so cute, you should show photos of yourself more often (but I understand why you don't -- I don't on my blog either). I love your hairstyle. And that tunic is great!

  12. You are awesome! Great picture! good job!

  13. You do NOT look preggers! Geesh girl you are 100% adorable.

  14. Are you kidding me? You are gorgeous! You do not look 45 years old...seriously, you could easily pass for 35. Cute hair-do, too. :-)

  15. You look fab, as
    always, Jill! Like you,
    I rarely post my own
    pic. Unlike our little
    friend Miz B, who is
    happy to say that her
    blog is "All about Me!"
    I am not so comfortable
    putting myself out there
    in photos. I love this
    tunic and girlie, YOU
    really rock it.

    Thought about you,
    yesterday.....Hope all went

    Happy Friday,
    xx Suzanne

  16. Good for you!! You look fabulous!! Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous :) x Sarah

  17. Great photo! Glad you found the courage to try something that's not your norm.


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