Monday, around the house...

Good Monday morning to you....
I am feeling more like crawling back in bed today after 
an uber-busy weekend around here.  All fun but I 
am one pooped momma! We had lots of kids sports, sleepovers 
and our school auction.....I just returned from the
grocery store where I spent a whopping $187.00 so
apparently, we ate alot too!

I remembered that I had not shown photos of my 
simplified bookcases with their painted backs.
So here ya are! {the backs are painted SW 'Urbane Bronze"}

And I am seldom able to capture a decent wide angle shot
of my great room but thought the one below was pretty good.

Nice iPhone on my kitchen counter!  Do your counters also become the
dumping ground for all electronics in your homes?

Happy Monday friends!
11 comments on "Monday, around the house..."
  1. Your great room is beautiful! I love the white trim and the gorgeous built ins/fireplace wall. The painted cabinet backs look great too. And yes, our kitchen counters, the entry hall table and the computer table...they all get cords and electronics dumped on them.

  2. Really, really pretty . . . love your shelf combinations:O)

  3. i crown you queen of the magazine worthy home!
    looks GORGEOUS!!
    iphone or not, gorgeous!

  4. LOVE your great room! So beautiful and cozy!! xo

  5. Your bookcases are beautiful...love the new color! Love the entire room :o)

  6. SO beautiful! Love the color, love the styling!

  7. Dang girl! Now THAT is a room! I love how you have so much white, but it is still so cozy!

    And I totally blew you off about the trunk -SORRY! Things blew up and life went crazy around here before I left for vacation...I'll be in touch about it later today, I promise! ;o)


  8. What a great room - I love the fireplace wall with the built ins (and hidden tv?) You pull together spaces so well.

  9. Oh Jill....You've created a KNOCKOUT look Lovey.... I'm GOBSMACKED at how YUMMY & INVITING this space is....I would LOVE to come over for a wine or THREE & simply 'chill' for a bit....!!!

    Tamarah :o)

  10. The painted cabinets make everything else pop! Love it. So many nice things and it all looks in order. I'm such a clutter-free freak. I wish I could find order in my chaos. You have in down pat!


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