Forever*Cottage {tag sale}......aka 'pillowpalooza'!

If this were a 12 step meeting I would stand and shamefully introduce 
myself to you all.....

I would say, "Hello, my name is Jill and I am addicted to pillows"....

Then all of you fellow addicts would say "hi, Jill, can we buy your pillows?" Ha!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 
Spring cleaning began in my home this weekend.  I quickly learned my linen
closet was overrun with pillows....I don't like the term 'hoarder' that was mentioned
by my sassy 13 year old.....I prefer the term 'collector' {ahem...} It seems I have
never met a pillow that I didn't like.....they are so functional but yet serve the all important role
of instant decorating gratification.

Now that we have been in our Portland home almost one year, I am ready
to do the BIG pillow purge of 2012!  Lucky for me, I have all of you fellow
pillow lovers to pass these lovelies on to! 
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 
So here's the deal....Please email me at jillbeth@aol.com if you are interested in purchasing
any of these pillows - I will get back to you as quick as I can to confirm the sale
and then will return to the blog and mark the pillow "Sold".  An additional $15 for 
shipping and handling {unless otherwise stated} will be charged for each sale {that is in addition to the price of the pillow}.
I accept payment via Paypal only.

First up, these two Union Jack pillows were purchase at the Tarte vintage sale.  One 
has a little stain on it but very minor.  I will sell them separately.
$15 each or both for $30 {includes fill} SOLD

This 'tye-die' pillow was purchased at Anthropologie quite recently.
$15{includes fill}

The bird pillow is from Pottery Barn, last year, but they are still carrying it.
$20{includes fill} SOLD!

This pillow was made from a vintage grain sack and has a standard size pillow inside.
On one side is embroidered "Chaumiere" the french word for cottage.
$40 SOLD!

Pictured above are TWO standard sized pillow shams from Anthropologie.
$20 for the pair {$10 shipping}

French stripe 20 x 20 sham 
$15 {$10 shipping} SOLD!

{TWO} Cream floral/bird Pottery Barn 24x24 shams - these are the ones I have the most 
difficulty letting go {btw}!
$10 each or $20 for both {$10 for shipping} SOLD!

{TWO} Red Pottery Barn floral 24x24 shams
$10 each, both for $20 {$10 shipping}

{TWO} red and cream stripe pillow shams {18x18} from Pottery Barn
$10 each or both for $20 {$10 shipping}

This 25x15" ivory gem with blue crewel stitching was custom made.
$20 {$10 shipping}

18x18" Handmade gem by Minnesotan Nancy Pollack{include fill}

So once again, please send me an email at jillbeth@aol.com with questions or if you 
would like to purchase a pillow!  My linen closet thanks you.
4 comments on "Forever*Cottage {tag sale}......aka 'pillowpalooza'!"
  1. I just tagged you in a facebook comment to my friend who makes cute pillows on Etsy - and then I saw your blog post. That is funny - I guess you won't be needing her pillows :) M

  2. My goodness girl, you could open your own pillow boutique...

  3. jill, your pillows are so fun!
    those funky union jack? oh my!
    & the cottage one...i'm thinking.
    i'm sure i'll regret that it's sold, but they are all so fun


  4. Do you still have the red/cream stripe pottery barn pillow covers, if so, I'm interested. Thanks, Ginger (gjo1972@hotmail.com)


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