I quit!

Remember when I told you I had gotten a part-time "real" job?
Well, I quit it last week.
Yes, I did.

My younger self would have not quit.  I would have not wanted to disappoint
those I worked for, my parents, my self {or so I thought}. 
 My younger self would have delayed her own contentment, 
ignored her gut feelings and miserably 
trudged to a job she disliked day after day, all while
feeling like the "good girl" she was expected to be.  

I am no longer that younger self, well still sort of young-ish, but certainly wiser.

I returned to work in the field I had been employed in before I had children -
a career where I enjoyed lots of success and have the resume to prove it.
But, all that happened over 14 years ago.
I am a very different person than I was 14 years ago, ahem, I 
quit a job just like that last week, for goodness sakes!

I have a passion for the creative; 
but unlike many creative types who work on canvas,
fabric, clay etc....my canvas is homes and spaces......it's my passion and 
I am following it wherever it takes me.  There, I said it out loud.

This blog is going to get a makeover.....it's about time.  After three years
of blogging, I plan to use this forum more efficiently, and purposeful, and 
creatively.  I may offer online design consults.  I am working locally with a 
couple families on design projects right now and I will look forward to 
sharing them with you here.  It's exciting and most of all fulfilling!

** On a "keeping in real" note: Will our family miss the income my 
part-time job provided? YES!  When we moved back to Portland
last year we made the decision to enroll our girls in private school,
an expense that adds a significant amount to our budget.  That
extra income helped us retain the "extras" of life - like vacations, dinners
out etc.... BUT, I am lucky that my income was not necessary and 
I am very aware that not everyone who would like can just up and quit
a paying job to pursue their creative whims!  

So what scary/unlike you things have you done
now that you are older and wiser?

14 comments on "I quit!"
  1. i had a similar experience
    last summer
    working a p/t job that i just hated

    when i finally got the nerve
    to just quit
    (which hubs had been encouraging
    me to do for awhile)
    it felt so good

    we missed the income
    but made it work

    and i realized
    that my time is valuable too

    i hope you find a way
    to make your current situation work!


  2. Good for you! I actually just quit my full time county position in January. Everyone thought I was crazy. I just had to trust my gut. I was the bread-winner, but my husband assured me we could make do. And two months later- we are fine (and pregnant with our first little one!). We are more resourceful now and spend wisely (instead of lavishly). I am a firm believer that you spend what you make. When we made more, we spent more. I knew being able to stay at home was worth any sacrifice we would have to make. You did the right thing! Rest assured!

  3. I quit my job too...I teach. People think that it's a 7:45 to 3:45 job, but it is quite the FULL time job! I listened to my inner 43 year old self and finally said, "enough". I will miss my students, teaching, and the (little) money it brought in, but in the end it will be worth the time with my aging parents and growing kids : o )

    Proud of you for following your heart!

  4. Good for you! I too dragged myself to a job for way too long. Its toxic environment was making me sick, until I took charge and said enough is enough. I wish you all the best with your decision. Cheers SpecialK XoXo

  5. Good for you Jill!! ;) I cant wait to see what projects you are working on~ xo Rachel

  6. I wish I were as brave as you are, Jill. I've been in a PT that I'm not happy in (to put it mildly, most days) but with a son in college (which costs mega bucks!), I don't feel I have a choice right now. My mom even reminded me, "Remember how miserable you were when you didn't have money!" So yeah, it stinks no matter which way you look at it. Oh well, I AM grateful that it's only 3 days/week - could be a lot worse where it was FT! And no, just because we have extra income with me working does not mean we live lavishly. Far from it. We are quite frugal.

  7. Good for you! Take it wherever it leads! The older I get the less I tolerate anything I don't like! I usually bounce whatever it is off a couple trusted friends (I don't want to miss an opportunity to grow) but I don't want to miss any "life" either and if something... a job.. relationship... chore... is cramping my style - it goes byebye. My family doesn't need a stressed out, miserable Momma!
    Great post!

  8. Good for you Jill! I love that as I'm getting older I'm more able to say NO! No to relationships that don't have value, NO to requests that don't appeal to me. All that to say, of course we sometimes have to do things we don't want to in life and that's fine, but when given a choice...that's a different matter! I hope you enjoy following your dreams, wherever they take you.

  9. Yay! You go girl. Saw on kasey's blog you are going out there soon. That's awesome. Hope you get to Gabby's class. That would be bucket list stuff.

  10. I chose not to go back to "work" and am pursuing my art instead. Last year was good. So hoping for more of the same this year.
    And congrats on your new move!!
    PS your job move I meant!!

  11. I am SO proud of you. I know that you are following your heart. You have a great talent for design. Sending love and hugs as always!

  12. I am super happy for you Jill and even more super happy for me :)

    Doing what you love and are so good at is so right right now!

  13. :) I felt this coming in your post My story our home.
    Congrats on making the move to do what makes you happy!!!


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