Finding what you are NOT looking for.....

It's both the one great thing and endlessly frustrating thing about 
shopping at flea markets......
You most likely find  awesome things that you were
not necessarily looking for and those specific items
you have in your mind to find, often prove elusive!

This was certainly the case for me at Farm Chicks!

I was on the hunt for a great cabinet - preferably painted, with
it's original finish.  It was not to be.

Instead, I found this pedestal table with a GREAT patina -
worn white paint, almost a grey finish.  At the bargain
price of $125 I snapped it up quick.  While this
table might prove too large for most room's scale,
my great room could use the 'hef' this table provides.

Happy Friday everyone!
My girls have exactly ONE week left of school!
Needless to say, momma was busy with her calendar
and the camp brochures yesterday....better late than never!

10 comments on "Finding what you are NOT looking for....."
  1. beautiful patina on that table and of course the decor on it makes it even lovelier!!

  2. I love it! Its perfect in that room! I can see that sweet little pine piece from Stars peeking out behind it. Can't wait to see everything in person tonight!

  3. Both the table and accessories are wonderful!

  4. Perfect patina on that little table. Beautiful!

  5. I love the table and the way you have accessorized it, too. That little wire basket is just adorable!
    Glad to find your blog, it's wonderful.
    New follower,

  6. That table is gorgeous and perfect! I would have snapped it up too and that price! You STOLE that table girl!

  7. this is my first visit to your blog, you did make a great find, beautiful table,

  8. Sweet table, Jill!

    One of these days
    I will make it out for
    Farm Chicks. Did you
    have a blast??

    My kids vacay started
    last Thursday. We are
    still finding our groove!

    Happy Monday,
    xo Suzanne


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