Roses are red.....

Our hometown of Portland, Oregon is called the Rose City.....
we seem to have the ideal growing conditions for every
variety of roses....and while I do find them [roses] beautiful,
I have removed almost EVERY.LAST.ONE from my yard.

I find them painful to garden around and really not pleasing mixed
with other favorite perennials.  I know, I know, there are many 
rose lovers out there....sorry, I prefer NOT to get pricked 
when out in my garden....the pruning was killing me!

However, I love to visit the Portland Rose Garden in Washington Park
every June and see the gorgeous varieties at their peak, smell the overwhelming 
fragrance that hits you the moment you step out of the car, and take oodles
of photos of roses.......

My hubby and big girl are in California for a soccer tournament so my 
mom came to keep me and the little one company this weekend.

On Saturday we had covered ALOT of ground, fabric shops,
antique shops, Ikea all with my 10 year old in tow.....and while
she was a trooper, her patience was wearing thin......that was
until she spied a red crinoline in a booth at Monticello Antiques Shop
in Southeast Portland.  Of course her Mimi purchased it for her
and when we returned to the car, the little one proceeded to 
put the new purchase on {she just so happened to be wearing the red shirt!}.

She danced through the rose garden and made everyone who 
came in contact with her smile!  The little lady in red
was a perfect compliment to the red roses.....

A BIG hug through blogland goes to the talented and beautiful Holly Mathis who
featured our work on my living room today on her blog.....it was
a blast to collaborate with her and I am blessed to have left the experience
with a new friend!  Muwahhhhh to you Holly!  You made my day.
Welcome to my blog new readers too!

6 comments on "Roses are red....."
  1. One of my favorite spots
    and your daughter looks
    like a rose, herself!

    Have fun with your mama!

    xo Suzanne

  2. I came over from Holly's place...your home is just beautiful. I actually LOVE your sofa and it shows off now with the walls painted!

  3. LOVE the skirt and was so excited to see Holly's post yesterday! Your home is lovely.

  4. I was just in Portland visiting my two sister in laws. We went wine tasting at the Willamette Valley Vineyards...Portland is always fun! (We live north of Seattle so we go there a lot!)

  5. Just popping over from Holly's blog and I'm not sure that we've met in blogland before....I'm from Portland too (well now I live in Washington but Portland was and is my home!) I lived there for 25 years and miss it so much!

    :-) Lovely home you have!

  6. SO pretty...her, you the roses. love!!!


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