Mom's Summer 'To Do' list....and a GIVEAWAY!

I know you have seen them....on blogs and Pinterest.....those
cute lists of ALL the  activities/experiences your
kids and family hope to enjoy over the summer.  I give credit to Meg for
starting the trend, cause I happen to think she is 'the bomb' of
a mom and a trendsetter to boot! 

Well, maybe it's because I have older kids {or a bad attitude},
we didn't do a list this year.  Whatever.  I know we will do 
all our favorite things, I don't need a giant chalkboard
reminding me that we need to have ice cream sundaes.....
{but if you DO have a giant chalkboard reminding you
to eat ice cream sundaes - way to go!}

Plus, by mid-August I begin to feel like Julie McCoy
the perky cruise director from the Love Boat {remember her?}, 
making sure EVERYONE is having fun....but me!

So this week, the LAST week of school, I sat down and wrote 
a "Mom's Summer To-Do" list.  

Yes, I did.  

I think a lot of us moms sort of get busy with giving our kids the perfect summer
and end up counting down the days until school begins somewhere around
August 1st.  Don't get me wrong, spending precious quality time
with our babies is important and fulfilling, but some 'mommy time' sprinkled in on a 
regular basis keeps everyone sane - not that I speak from 
experience or anything like that......

My theme for this summer is 'BALANCE'.

My list includes lots of fun stuff - al fresco dates with my husband, 
evenings with girlfriends sitting on my patio, going to the 
farmers market, hiking.......

Also on my list is to GET CREATIVE.
This year, I had the privilege of participating in Jeanne Oliver's
Do you know Jeanne?  I only know her as an internet friend but
hope to be able to meet her in 'real life' someday.  She 
has a generous and encouraging spirit. 

Now mind you - I am not all miss crafty but I do consider myself 
creative and Jeanne's course is for EVERYONE!  I really
give credit to Jeanne for inspiring me to be more
creative, cause like having some summer mom fun, creativity
can also fall to the wayside in the midst of a busy life.

Jeanne is offering the class again - beginning Monday, June 18!  It works like this -
you get a code to access the online videos and can watch them at your leisure .  Jeanne
will keep the videos for this course available to all participants until
the end of October.....so if summer gets away from you, you will have time
to catch up when the kiddos head back to class!

And guess what?  Jeanne has generously offered to giveaway THREE spots
in the online class to readers of Forever*Cottage!  To enter to win:

* Leave me a comment telling me what you would
have on your "Mom's Summer To-Do List".

I will close the comments on Saturday at midnight PST and announce
the winner on Sunday {a rare blogging day for me!}.

If you can't wait to see if you won and want to sign up for 
Jeanne's class go HERE!

12 comments on "Mom's Summer 'To Do' list....and a GIVEAWAY!"
  1. on my 'mom's summer to-do' list:

    -sit around the firepit with girlfriends and wine
    -do that garden project I've been dreaming of
    -paint!: the windows, the closet, the stool, on paper and on wood
    -sit and just 'be still'

  2. You can see my moms summer to do list on my latest facebook status. It's the only thing on my list :) xoxo

  3. Work on getting to know me again. I just quit teaching- my passion, so now I am trying to "relax" and find me again.

  4. Doing something just for me. I'd love to make some jewelry or paint.


  5. Soak in the hot tub....take photos of the sunrise...get a massage...read a book.
    I like your list!! Think I will borrow some of your activities! Ha!

  6. My Mom's summer list -
    to have a Mom's party on my patio and tell all my girlfriends who are Mom's how much I love having them in my life!

  7. My list is a "grandmother's" list. At the very top of my list..... spend as much time as possible w/ my four grandchuildren (ages 5-8)!!!! Life can't get any better than to be with your grandchildren.

  8. -a pedicure so my feet look pretty

    -paint furniture for the booth

    -Watch all available seasons of Downtown Abbey (haven't seen it yet)

    -Start working on Halloween and Christmas for the booth (tags, banners, stockings...)

    -Get outside and garden

    and most of all, spend time with my family and enjoy!

  9. Hi Jill! I loved your list. What a great idea. I too fall into the trap of working hard to make sure my kids have a great and fun summer. This is the last summer before my daughter heads to college in the fall so spending as much time with her is definitely a priority. Fortunately, she loves thrift stores. As for Jeanne Oliver, who I am lucky enough to know in person, she is amazing. All the things you said about her are so true and something you didn't, which is that she is one of the funniest people I know. Please add "get together with Lisa" on your list and I'll add "hang with Jill" on mine.

  10. Love this post Jill! ;)

    * Daily devotions with my husband.
    * workout atleast 3x a week.
    * Stop stressing about having a perfectly clean home 24/7.
    * Work on some crafting projects I've had in my mind for a while but haven't had the confidence to try.
    * Make time for helping others.
    *Reconnect with girlfriends I haven'st seen in a while.
    * Enjoy quality time with my family.


  11. What a lovely giveaway!! My oldest daughter is off to college in the fall, so my Mom to-do list is to spend as much time with her as possible!!


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