We are on day 2 of summer break.....so far so good. 
This summer seems different - my girls are older - they
sleep in, don't need to be entertained as much, are busy 
and can be left alone if I go to gym, grocery store, etc.....
it's a good thing but also means that sooner than I would
like to think about, they will be grown and gone.

Summer weather has been elusive here in the Pacific Northwest....
it visited us this weekend while my big girl played in a local
soccer tourney and was gone as of yesterday.

I had some questions about this chair so thought I would post
some photos that better show the ticking fabric.  And I
am afraid that's all I have for this Tuesday morning.....a $100
old chair upholstered in humble black and white ticking, dressed
up with a fabulous Schumacher pillow!

Have a lovely day!

{oh - heeeyyyyyyy, Eleanor!!!!!}

6 comments on "Ticking....."
  1. I love this chair! I'm looking for one just like it! Kinda hard to find in Arizona for some reason ;)

  2. I have a similiar chair that I willbe redoing. I love the ticking fabric!

  3. It looks wonderful, love the ticking

    I just painted 2 chairs similar to yours have one to go

  4. Hi Jill! I just found your blog from Holly Mathis Interiors. I love it and am so happy to be here!

  5. Hi Jill,

    Can you tell me the name of the curtains and the frames from IKEA?


  6. Love your choice of ticking on this cute little chair. And the pillow is the perfect addition. Stopping over from Holly's blog. Liz


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