Collecting seascapes.....

I had a couple opportunities to visit some favorite Portland
antiques malls last week - I was really shopping for a client
but of course I found a little something for me.

I am a huge fan of vintage art - there are alot
of hidden gems out there - painted primarily by hobby
artists, often unsigned but beautiful and interesting nonetheless.
I think vintage art can add instant character to 
newer spaces and is SO much better than any
Ikea poster or Home Goods piece and can
be purchased for the same price or less!

My favorites to find are seascapes.  I found the small seascape
pictured above for $40 in a Portland antiques mall.
I bought it unframed but now would like to find 
an antique frame to pop it in.  It measures 8x10
so should be pretty easy - just need to hunt for the 
perfect frame.

Of course,  a collection of these types of paintings look 
great grouped together on a wall but you can
also prop them up on a bookshelf like in the first
photo.  You can also hang them by themselves on a small
wall - perhaps near a light switch for a bit of 
pretty when you are doing something as simple as shutting
of the bathroom light!

I grabbed the image above and below from Pinterest{original source unkown}.

Who knew, John Derian collects seascapes!?

Vintage art, do you have some in your home?

7 comments on "Collecting seascapes....."
  1. One of my favorite paintings in our home is a painting of a old Country Club that I hung in our guest room. I found it at a thrift shop for $4. It looks like a million bucks.

  2. I don't have any but you may have just converted me. Those are lovely pieces!

  3. I just bought a few more pieces at Goodwill this weekend and this post has made me even more glad I did. :)

    Only a few dollars for vintage, unique art on my walls—can't beat it.

  4. What a pretty little painting....and for only $40? Wow.

    I think you and I and everyone in America are collecting vintage seascapes...they are getting to be so hard to find. And here in L.A. they are so expensive now.

    But I so agree with you...vintage art is so much better than cheap Home Goods reproductions. Great post :)

  5. They are really pretty in mass, aren't they.

    But wait! I want John Derian plates. Wish they weren't so expensive!

  6. I love vintage art. I have two so far, one is a cabin on a lake and the other a mountain meadow. Both seem to be simple beginner pieces but I like them. I would love to find more, especially seascapes, farms or barns.

  7. Your seascapes are so lovely, what a nice little collection!


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