My best day.....

I am heading out tomorrow for my 7th annual Farm Chicks Antiques Show!
It's a tradition that will always be.....as long as Serena keeps going,
I will be there.  We will stay at the Davenport Hotel,
eat at the fabulous Chaps and get a Celeste-hug, reunite with
our favorite vendors and bloggers then shop the vintage goodness
that never disappoints!  This year, I am bringing my
husband for the first time - {gasp!}......

Months ago I found out my country boyfriend, Kenny Chesney
was playing in Seattle on June 1st.  I sort of mentioned
to my husband what a great day it would be if I could
shop Farm Chicks in the morning then head to Seattle
to see Kenny that night.....and guess what?
That's what we are doing.

This week has been terribly busy with client work
and end of year school commitments but I
am ready to get my country on.......

I will be taking lots of Instagram photos of our 
adventure, you can follow me on Instagram
at jillhinsoninteriors.

Yee Haw!!!!!!!

6 comments on "My best day....."
  1. love me some Kenny Chesney! Hope you have a great trip!

  2. What fun! Sounds like a PERFECT weekend getaway to me :) Have a blast!!

  3. Just found your blog and love it! I'm just outside of Portland. I have to say I'm very jealous of your upcoming weekend...sounds fabulous! Just wanted to say HI and have fun!! I'm gonna go explore some more here ;)

    1. Welcome Sherry!
      I love local readers!!!

  4. I love Kenny Chesney (and Brad Paisley!!)! How cool to see him live!! I live just outside of Nashville so we get glimpses of your country boyfriend 'round here from time to time. ;)

  5. Can I join you guys? Just kidding! Your husband is very supportive of you, that is very sweet of him! I’m really excited to see the photos of your get together and likewise the antique stuff. I love to view antique stuff but I’m not really into it coz’ I’m a bit paranoid.

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