Master bedroom....

The week after vacation is always a whirlwind - filled with lots
of laundry, paperwork catch up along with just ordinary life stuff....
This week I took some extra time to clean our bedroom which
had become a sort of dumping ground in the chaos of summer.
I also took some time to take some photos.

Our master bedroom is a room in our home that has
really not received any decorating attention since 
moving in two years ago - we basically painted and moved our 
furniture in.  And while 'undecorated', it is a space I find
very cozy  - I love white bedding, period.  Our bed is layered with a
mix of vintage linens, matelasse and Pottery Barn.  The pillow in the
center was a Farm Chicks purchase and is vintage French toile - *love*.
The vintage French chandelier was 
in our dining room in our Minnesota 
cottage, and yes, that is a vintage metal sconce holding 
my collection of necklaces mounted next to my bed.

The art includes a couple original Janet Hill paintings
and a painting my husband and I purchased on a trip
to Warsaw, Poland many years ago. 

This space is personal which makes it perfect for us.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend.
2 comments on "Master bedroom...."
  1. Very nice! Love the lamps and sun burst mirror!

  2. For undecorated it's gorgeous. Love the light in there too.


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