New to me Expedit.....have you seen these?

A friend recently told me Ikea had
added colors to their uber-popular Expedit
shelf line........I have to say I really like these options
for use in a kids bedroom!  In fact, I might
be adding the bright pink version to a certain
soon-to-be-a-sixth grader's room.  
They also have drawers you can add
to the cubes you would choose, a feature
that might come in handy to store the oodles
of Legos in my girl's room.

Go check them out here!
3 comments on "New to me Expedit.....have you seen these?"
  1. I have a white 5 x 5 Expedit in my guest room. I love changing up the boxes.

    I bought my daughter a brown one for her birthday - her choice of color. She has 2 x 4 and has it lying long ways with books and knick knacks. She put a sailboat on top of it and has a beautiful painting of the San Francisco Bay hanging over the Expedit.

  2. Oh my, I love these shelves!!! They would look gorgeous in my room as the colors match my bedspreads. I'm trying to build a mini-library and I'd love to have shelves for books like these.

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