Blogger Break

I am feeling guilty, super guilty....I have been neglectful of this little blog this past week.

I have so many posts....up in that idea swirling head of mine - great Minnesota stores to check out, a blog award to talk about that requires I list 10 random things about me (oh, you just wait for all the dirty details you will discover), oh and that little issue of sharing my great scores from the Junk Bonanza.....just to mention a few.

But oh dear loyal readers, you will have to wait....

You see, a little thing called "life" gets in my way of being a loyal blogger...especially this last week....parents visit, kids get sick, hubby travels, soccer tournaments....Calgon take me away!

Be back soon....in the meantime, thanks for your patience!

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10 comments on "Blogger Break"
  1. Oh Jill,
    We all get it! And it's not a competition, it's a "when you get time" kinda thing.....take time out for you and yours, and when you come back you'll feel so much better.......I think we all put too much pressure on ourselves.
    Take care,

  2. Life happens and I think we all understand! Come back when you can ~ I always look forward to your posts. :o)

  3. Life is more important. No worries. Hope you have a good day with at least a minute to relax...
    pk @ room remix

  4. I too had similiar thoughts of late. I have been so...busy and haven't had time to visit my dashboard even.
    Love the bath picture though! The mantle behind the tub...too cool!

    Hope you make time for that bubble bath...you will feel much better...dj

  5. We can all relate Jill! Hope you aren't working too hard!!

    :) T

  6. I hope your kids are feeling better soon! Things will settle down soon, I'm sure.

    Enjoy your break...we all need one now and then!

  7. at least i have your phone number now;-)

  8. I don't know how you bloggers with small children do it anyway!... when school's in and sports are back in action and the holidays are upon us... so my hat's off to you for even having a blog! I don't think I could have done it before my daughter was grown up and out. Take a break! Can't wait to see what you come back with when you're all recharged!

  9. We all catch up and then Life fills right in again - sort of like dirty dishes and laundry - but friends are always there...like the stars in the sky :) Jennifer jennsthreegraces@blogspot

    Lovely blog....


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