Promises Kept

I'm back..... I have missed this little blog and my communication with those of you (all three of you, including my mom) who take the time to visit.

The last few weeks have reminded me that just when you think you are going to have all this luxurious time to yourself when the kiddos go back to school....think again.

Obviously I have some catching up to do. I thought I would begin today by finally showing you my exciting Junk Bonanza purchases. Honestly, don't get your hopes up to be wowed and amazed by the perfect cupboard that I have been looking for, for like FOREVER to be pictured here....well, because it was not to be found at the Junk Bonanza. I know, sad. I had such high hopes of finding the perfect 60 inch long by 33 inch high and just 11 inches deep cupboard to rest on my dining buffet but said cupboard is not showing up just when I need it to. "My" cupboard seems to have lots of friends out there - there is "Miss 45 inch" and "Mr. 36 inch" and "Mrs. A bit too Primitive".......all perfectly nice cupboards but not MY cupboard.

However, remember these industrial stools that I fell in love with?

Sold by a "to the trade only" showroom in Atlanta, these stools, or something similar was what I was looking for to replace my perfectly fine Crate & Barrel beauties.

Well, look what I found at the Junk Bonanza! And they didn't come with the high "to the trade only" price!

I am so happy with my former school science lab stools! I may or may not have a linen slipcover sewn for each one. Right now, I like the wood seats.

Also from Junk Bonanza, how could I resist a new cream colored clock? The one I bought has a more art deco feel, love it.

And finally, I purchased this little vintage owl framed saying. Besides loving what it says, I thought it made a nice addition to my Halloween decorations.

I really showed restraint at the Junk Bonanza, I tried to be more purposeful in my shopping, buying just what I knew would "fit" perfectly in my home.

It worked for me this time, can't say it does all the time.....

On a separate note, snowing at my cottage today....how about yours?

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14 comments on "Promises Kept"
  1. hey jill! actually you have four readers! ha! i follow and read your blog! love those stools! i need to keep a look out for some! maybe craigslist! i would love for you to come visit my little blog! i would love a new reader!

  2. Hi Jill, Did you get one of those clocks from my booth at the Bonanza? I love clocks too. I met you at the Bonanza by the THrifty Mom table. I work with Ki quite a bit, we talked but you probably talked to many people over the course of the week. Check out my blog and maybe you will rememeber me from my photo. I called Ki today to ask her if you were the thrifty mom because I didn't know your name but did recognize your face when I seen it in the photos. I added you on my blog roll so I can watch.

  3. What? You're back already? Ok, great!
    Love the stools... and your idea to slip the tops, although they look perfectly fine as is.
    Also love your little owl. I did a post on "motto prints" a couple of weeks ago and think they're so great.

  4. ha.
    I'm a loyal reader..don't forget about me girl.
    love the little purchases!

  5. Love them! Good work! Allie

  6. Love the science lab stools, so much character. That is one really cute collection of vintage clocks too. It makes me sad to think of all the clocks we had growing up that I could hardly wait to get rid of because they were so outdated. I want them back now!

  7. Oh, be still my heart! Those stools are Amazing!! I probably would have arm wrestled you for them! ;)


  8. Oh no not snow, I hope it's not headed our way :) You did a great job of picking just the right items at Junk Bonanza...they're all wonderful!!

    :) T

  9. No snow here- but then again it never snows in my part of Cali! It was gloomy though! Finally weather slightly worthy of a fire!! Great finds!

  10. Calling for a cold rainy day here and chance of flurries tonight ~ it can't be!! Loving all your finds ~ it's always perfect to find a bargain on a great pair of stools!

  11. love your goodies, I didn't not show nearly the restraint you did this weekend, I was an oc shopper. I left my good sense behind and ended up with stuff that I love...but...where is that going? Love that you have snow, we are still cutting our blooming roses here. :) Jules

  12. ohhh, sorry, the etsy store is not looking very good. I really need to put some new stuff on it. I have been having so much fun blogging and painting furniture that I have completely ignored my etsy store. Opps. Check it out next week. That is my goal for the weekend. So nice to meet you, Jules

  13. "more purposeful"...that's how I'm trying to be with my shopping. It is HARD...I love so many things. The owl plaque is adorable. :)


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