.....happy haunting........

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Are you ready? I just returned from Target and bought LOADS of candy. This year I adopted a new strategy....wait to purchase candy at the last minute so I don't gain those pre-Halloween 5 pounds.

My girls are SO excited. My little girl is dressing as Laura Ingalls - warms my heart as I dressed as Laura Ingalls back in the day. My tween girl's costume was a last minute decision, seems it is important to have just the "right" cool costume in 5th grade along with a few friends to go as something together. So she decided she would be a "nerd" - since when are nerds cool? I am learning to not ask questions and just run with it. We DID have a great time (and alot of laughs) at the thrift store picking out just the right, most nerdy clothes we could find!

What kind of trick o' treating neighborhood to you live in? Do you get lots of little ghosts and goblins coming to your door? We do! Ours is the neighborhood that everyone comes to that does not live in a neighborhood! It is fun to both go out with the kids for a bit and then come home, poor myself a glass of red wine and answer the door.

Wishing you a Happy Halloween!

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  1. Our neighborhood is a little pocket that not too many outsiders find but I do like to see the few kids form our blocks who stop by. This year though, we've been invited by friends to have dinner and watch the game so I'll leave a basket of candy on the porch... and hope some mean kid doesn't make off with all of it!

  2. we live in an area without street lights, so no one comes this way...we have always gone to a friends that has a great neighborhoods for kids and hang out with them. Now our boys are teens and want to go to haunted houses and such with their friends...it feels strange that our tradition is changing. However, at least they still want us to take them...then wait for them...give them money...hold whatever part of their costume is itchy...you know the gig. i'm just happy we still get to hang with them. happy haunting, jules

  3. We live in a neighborhood where kids get dropped off to trick or treat. I am guessing we will get over 200 kids on saturday. My kids are so excited that they can do an extra street (3 total) as they don't have to get up too early sunday. We were invited to a neighbors for appetizers and drinks after, which sound like fun to me!

  4. Our trick or treat is during the week (last Thurs.) and for the 3rd year in a row, no kids. :( But - we get candy we like. Our neighborhood isn't exactly set up to go door to door and we aren't visible from the road, so I expected it.

    Sounds like your girls are going to have a great time. Happy Halloween!


  5. We are awaiting the trick or treaters. I always enjoy seeing the neighborhood children. I'll be thinking of you when I pour my glass of wine this evening ;)

    Happy Halloween!

  6. We love the kids, tall and small! Lots out tonite, Saturday made a big difference...and last year it rained all evening so I think everyone was out lovin' the dry, warm bay area weather!

    I too love a glass of merlot...have to add a bit of chocolate too...from my sons bag of course!!!

    Happy Halloween!

  7. i'm so glad i found your blog recently, somehow...so many similarities in what we like:) i just caught up on your most recent posts...wonderful. have a good week!



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