~burlap, buttons and santos....oh my, it's Christmas!

My weekly Ballard Designs catalog showed up today in my mailbox.

Usually I flip through it quickly, remember that the merchandise does not typically change that drastically and promptly toss the catalog in the recycling bin. Sorry Ballard Designs.

Today however was different. I really found inspiration in their Christmas items.

Are you like me? Have you hidden from your children every red and green tacky Santa that has found its way into your holiday repertoire? Every jingle bell and snow globe?

I definitely have adopted a less is more approach to decorating for the holidays, preferring natural elements to themed doo-dads. I guess I want my house to look like my house, just more festive than your average Monday.

And before you think I am a bad mommy and hide the kids snow globe collections and the tacky stuffed Santa dolls that my mother-in-law gave my kids, don't worry.....I let them display them in their bedrooms.

So what do you think of a burlap, ivory buttons, crowns and santos themed Christmas? Tonight, I am loving it! Way to go Ballard Designs.

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10 comments on "~burlap, buttons and santos....oh my, it's Christmas!"
  1. I just looked through this catalog at a friend's house. I absolutely love the button garland! So cute!

  2. I love Ballard so much, but I'd go broke if I tried to keep up with their newest and best because, like you said, they seem to send a new catalog every week! Love the santos and crowns.

  3. Love Love Love it! I hope I get my catalog soon.

  4. I agree, I LOVE B designs Christmas stuff...love to do my tree like that. As it is, I'm a bad BAD mommy and put the kids stuff they made sorta to the back of the tree. I LOVE what they made but it's not exactly matching my desing sensibility!

  5. Jill, I totally agree and can't wait to see what you do! I am feeling like less is more on a lot of things lately! Melaine

  6. Ooh, I love all the silver on the fireplace. I have some lovely little silver tealight holders and really love this look.

  7. Love the stockings! Thanks for sharing and all your inspiration. Will add you to my blog roll.

  8. WOW Jill I love all of their new stuff! Maybe I need to get my hands on one of those catalogs :) I do the same thing about letting the kiddos keep the Christmas stuff that doesn't go with my decor in their bedroom...they just think it's cool they get to decorate their bedrooms...

    :) T

  9. Hi Jill- just read your last post. Way to go....If you love the Ballard design look you will love the Barn this Christmas....over the top! I just posted a sneak peek...see you soon.


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