More than you want to know........

Thanks Tricia from "Life at the Zoo"! I am honored to receive the above blog award. Unfortunately, I am very late in fulfilling the duties that come with the award. However, today is your lucky day....

10 Random/Honest Things About Myself:

1. My first job was at McDonald's when I was 16.

2. I met my husband (of 18 years!) on a commuter train. Although not perfect, I am proud of our long and happy marriage.

3. I regard having my two daughters as my greatest accomplishment.

4. I wish I was better at saying "no", especially when it comes to volunteering at my children's school (does that make me a bad mother?).

5. Sometimes I miss my former career and the personal satisfaction it brought me.

6. Since turning 40 I feel a renewed sense of confidence and optimism - it is so freeing.

7. I will "retire" in Oregon - I will not live forever in Minnesota.

8. One of my many more frivolous goals is to have my home featured in a magazine (if there are any left)....someday.

9. I dream of having my own business (see #6).

10. I only like to watch movies in the theatre - I find it difficult to sit still for that long in my own home (these are supposed to be random, right?).

Ok, now I am supposed to pass this along to SEVEN bloggers who have "brilliant content and/or design" or those who have "encouraged me". Hmmm......here are mine....

1. Kim at Mimi Chamante

2. Kasey at Lola B's

3. Melaine at My Sweet Savannah's

4. Cammie at Daffadowndilly's
5. Lanette at Cottage Elements

6. Tracey at Comfort & Luxury

7. Chris at Just Beachy

Have a splendid day one and all...........

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4 comments on "More than you want to know........"
  1. i love how you have a problem saying NO to school.
    I've learned not to put down my phone number on any documents and my kids tell their teachers that i'm in a wheelchair.
    get's me out of alot!
    Oh...and thanks for the award..you know i LOVE these.
    {awesome chat with you yesterday!}

  2. What a fun post. Saying no is a difficult but important lesson to learn. Quite freeing when you can do it and not feel guilty too. : )

    Have a blessed day.

  3. Loved your list. So glad you played along.


    P.S. say "NO!" I think it makes you a better mother. Seriously.

  4. Hi Jill! Just saw my name here... thanks! I received this same award from someone else recently and haven't done my post yet either so don't feel bad that it took you some time to do yours. I guess I'd better get on it though before I look really ungrateful...
    Thanks again!


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