Northwoods Getaway...

A big part of the culture of living in Minnesota is "heading up north" to a cabin, preferably on a lake....

We are lucky because we live in lake neighborhood right here near the city...unique, yes.

Never felt the need to go anywhere else for my "lake fix"....

Recently my parents purchased my dad's childhood home, that happens to be on a lake, up north...

The work of bringing grandma and grandpa's home up to date has started....

My kids have the next two days off of school so we are heading "up north" to help where we can, painting, sanding etc....to restore a home and preserve it for the next generation.

These pictures are MY version of what I would like it to look like.....but since I did not buy the home myself, I don't get much say in the decor. Does it surprise you to find out I am not a fish hanging on the wall type of gal? I am not a knotty pine paneling or buffalo check kind of girl? These pictures reflect the inspiration I would use if I was redecorating a cabin, but I am not, I am just helping and then enjoying....

Don't worry, I will share pictures....particularly of the kitchen which I am going to help transform with virtually NO budget. I know it can be done because, well because I read your blogs and see the amazing things you do.

Stay tuned and have a restful weekend...........I will.

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9 comments on "Northwoods Getaway..."
  1. Beautiful images there girlie! Can't wait to see these before & afters!! I'm SURE it will be gorgeous. and THANK YOU for not being a fish hanging (especially singing ones -remember those? -- eek!), buffalo check kinda gal (I'm with ya!)

  2. These are great images. I could retreat to a cottage like that! No it doesn't surprise me that you're not a fish hanging on the wall kind of gal. :-) Have a good day!
    pk @ Room Remix

  3. How nice to have a little getaway so close to home!
    Sometimes "helping" means influencing the direction of the project. Good luck and have fun!

  4. Hi Jill,
    Just found your blog & I love it! It's gorgeous~ love your cottage style! What fun it would be to help redo a lake house!
    Love your blog layout too...the 3 column design is so nice, I haven't had the nerve to convert mine yet...did you start that way or switch over?


  5. gorgeous images...just what I needed today! especially love the one of the kitchen! stunning! ~mary~

  6. My heart went pitter patter with just the title of your post. I LOOOOVE Northwoods Getaways and am trying to achieve some of that style here in our own home in the suburbs. I dream of a Northwoods cottage (albeit in Ontario, Canada). Love your inspiration photos and I am so hoping for pics of any rooms or outside work you finish. Have a safe and wonderful weekend. How precious to restore your heritage in that way.

  7. Way too cool to have a "lake house"
    It will be great to see the pictures.
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend...donna

  8. I am LOVING your inspiration photos! Decorating a lake home is a dream of mine.



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