Flea Markets....my crazy nirvana!

Today I am joining Flea Market Style and their "Fleamarketeer Party". And if there was ever a perfect party for me to attend, it would be this one. Let me just put the proverbial vintage lampshade on my head and take it away!

I am a lover of all things vintage from way back. Even in my 20's when my friends were decorating their first apartments and homes with contemporary furnishings, I was at the flea markets outside Chicago "hunting" for vintage Fiestaware (long since gotten over that collection). Back then, my now husband and I were dating and he would happily accompany me on my hunts....like my collections, that too has changed!

I get almost giddy with anticipation when going to flea markets. I suppose it is the thought that you never know what you are going to find.

My purchases lately have tended to be smaller and more thoughtful. I love graphic items - this stamp for example, spoke to me with its perfect sentiment - with just one word.

Vintage bingo cards just say "happy" to me in a stylish graphic way....plus you can't go wrong with black and white.

Clocks......I can't explain (and believe me, my husband asks everytime he spots a new one)....perhaps I just like their simplicity.....

I love that flea markets can give life to your inspiration. Not long ago, I was seeing lots of images of basket pendant lights and really loved the texture they brought into a kitchen. I was inspired to find two either vintage or vintage looking baskets that I could wire for pendant lights over my kitchen island.

I went to the Farm Chicks Antiques Show inspired to find my baskets.

In true Oprah-esque law of attraction style, I found my baskets and created pendant lights that now hang over my kitchen island.

Below is a photo of most of my Farm Chicks finds, including the baskets in their original state. Please remember, I was limited in my purchasing.....by one BIG suitcase as I had flown to Spokane. Which brings me to another point....

Flea markets are best when shared with girlfriends. This is probably another reason I so love to go to flea markets. Some of my best memories with my girlfriends are of us getting up crazy early, heading to Starbucks and standing in lines to pay our "Early Bird" fee and oohing and ahhing over what awaits. I know we are going to be friends if that too is your idea of a good time! Remember the photo below?

These are some fabulous vintage stools my girlfriend scored at one of her MANY (sorry for calling you out Allie!) antiquing excursions....She took the picture with her phone and sent it to me because she knew just how much I would appreciate and celebrate her great find! That is friendship....for the love a good flea market score!

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16 comments on "Flea Markets....my crazy nirvana!"
  1. TOTALLY!!!! yes - the flavor of flea market & vintage finds - there's nothing like it -- the rush of a bargain or getting just the piece you've been on the hunt for....and yes - those stools {with the adorable ruffled slipcoevers -- ahhh} are TO.DIE.FOR!!

  2. I have yet to go to a bonefide flea market unless you count the cheesy booths at my local one where there's nary an antique or collectable to be seen. Ugh. Soooo wish I could go to one! You have great finds here, for sure. Awesomeness everywhere.

  3. What a great eye you have for decorating. LOVE the whole collection of white pottery and your fabulous basket lights. Lori

  4. Great finds! Love your backet lamps and those pretty skited stools!

  5. Love all your finds - the basket/pendant lights over your island are wonderful!

    You're right - it is so much fun to share the adventure with a good friend!

  6. you describe the exact feeling I get...sometime i don't seem to be able to get out of the car fast enough! Ohhh another clock collector...mine is a fresh collection for me...the color must be oh so got to have it color. If you have a minute check out my last Monday post to see my latest aquire...purchased fro a fello Monday Junkin friend!


  7. You have soooo many things that I'd kill to have in my own home. I really do love your style, simple and timeless.
    So nice to meet you!

  8. great finds!! how sweet is that nest stamp? i'd frame it!
    nice basket pendants, too- they look great!

  9. I LOVE that nest stamp! And your basket lamps are very impressive Jill...so cool!!

    :) T

  10. I just looove those darling light pendants...they look super neat!!! Hope you have a fun week.

  11. That Nest stamp is absolutely CHARMING and perfect! AND your basket pendents are awesome! I am in LOVE love love with your friends stools. I want them. BAD! :-)

  12. I too know that "giddy" feeling all too well ... it's the best!! Your finds are fantastic, thanks for sharing!


  13. Love the lights, love collections.

    My love of Fiesta is still there, though I am no longer on the hunt.

    Darling blog!!

  14. Hi Jill.....I just found your blog and I'm hooked. I too have a Junk Mentality....and love to hang out with girlfriends searching out "goodies'. Happy Fall Ya'll from Houston.

  15. I came back again to this page because I just wanted to see your yummy pics again! I LOVE that Good JUNK sign! I'd give my left piggy toe for it!

  16. Hi Jill...I just found your blog and am new to blogging myself. I love your style! Keep, keeping on!


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