I am a mom.....by definition that means busy.
We are all busy......I know.....
but right now I feel overwhelmed -
perhaps it has something to do with the Christmas
music playing at Anthropologie, the aisles FILLED
with everything holiday at Target......
or the field trips,
social commitments,
volunteer commitments,
business stuff,
sports practices,
dishes piled in the sink....

My bathroom is beautiful - that makes me
happy....but why, oh why when I am focused on a 
project does everything else go to h*e*double hockey sticks????
I had hoped to show you photos today - but
I was gone the entire day on a field trip with
my youngest's class and now it is dark and the 
photos would not be pretty.  

Come back tomorrow, please.....hopefully I 
will be in a better mood and have some pretty photos
to show you.....

4 comments on "Busy..."
  1. no worries...we all get it.

    believe me. <3

  2. Hi Jill,

    Don't we all just have days like that !
    Looking forward to the pics :-)


  3. May I please post this on my facebook page. It's just the perfect sentiment with the crazy holidays bearing down on us. Thanks, Dee


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