Weekend thoughts...

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Remember, we live in a country many risk their
lives trying to get to.

  So many of our brave great grandpa's,
great grandma's, grandpa's, grandma's,
dad and moms, husband's and wives,
son's and daughter's have
fought hard for the freedoms we enjoy today.

Democracy and liberty are the world's
citizen's greatest goals - something we
get to enjoy everyday here in the USA.

There is much at stake in this election - go vote on Tuesday!

We vote by mail in Oregon - it may be convenient but
I love the experience of going into a curtained booth
and really feeling like an American - I am old school like that!

Enjoy your weekend!

4 comments on "Weekend thoughts..."
  1. I second, third, fourth
    and fifth that emotion,
    girlie!!! One only has to
    watch the news to see
    people in other countries
    striving to bring about
    change that will give them
    the same rights and freedoms
    that all Americans enjoy,
    and often take for granted,
    to know how lucky we are.

    Voting is one of those
    privileges : )

    xo Suzanne

    PS: Hoping to make that
    phone call I promised!

  2. You will find me in that booth, and behind that curtain! No place I would rather be on a Tuesday!


  3. Old school is good! Great reminder about how blessed we are in this country!!!

  4. I am usually "old school, but our voting place is the 4th floor of a hotel with little parking so we vote by mail. But, I have only missed voting in one election and that was when I lived in Jamaica.


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