Decking my halls, soccer .....{and a winner!}

My halls have begun to be decked......I love the 
driftwood wreath I picked up at Homegoods about
a month ago.  My cabinet loves it too.
Truth be told, I have been known
to be critical of those who decorate for Christmas {sorry!}
the minute after the turkey is eaten. Can't we
just enjoy ONE holiday at a time?

However, my big girl has a soccer tournament
in San Diego this weekend and I am going with her!
Yea for me, but it has sort of sent
me into a holiday panic attack - knowing it
will be December 3rd when we return!

Hello, my name is Jill and my Christmas tree
is already up and decorated.  Bring on the
snickering......I deserve it!

While all of you are fluffing and decking your halls this weekend,
I will be cheering on my soccer super-girl at her
FIRST college showcase tournament.

Any fun spots I should check out in Old Town San Diego?

*The winner of the Shabby Apple Giveaway is Steph -
who needs a new dress for her hubby's Christmas party.
Hurry up and get in touch with me Steph -
jillbeth{at}aol{dot}com so we can get you that dress!

5 comments on "Decking my halls, soccer .....{and a winner!}"
  1. Although Thanksgiving turkey is well behind us up here in my part of the world... I totally get your issue with decorating too early. I always hold off until December 1 and even then I feel it is early. But once the snow falls here it motivates me to get it all done!

  2. Hello Jill, my name is Patty and my tree is already up too....lol.. Enjoy that trip with your daughter...Blessings!

  3. You are way ahead
    of me, girlie. I'm still
    floating around on a
    post-London high : )
    Love your wreath. I
    have a heart-shaped
    one that I bought on
    line after I saw your
    pretty one, but I never
    would have thought
    of it as "Christmas-y."
    Will find it a proper
    bow and add it to
    the mix!

    Have a blast in San Diego.

    xo S.

  4. I love that wreath! I think I would leave it up all year long. :)

  5. I can NOT believe I won!!! Woo hoo!! (and i'm totally not rubbing it in... i'm just blown away!)
    Thank you sooo much!!! I just emailed you!


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