Thursday, November 1, 2012


It is November 1st!  Holy cow!
As I drove out my neighborhood today, one neighbor was
having a professional service hang their Christmas lights - 
definitely not ready for that!  We are still
eating our Milky Ways, Snickers and Butterfingers over
here at the old Forever*Cottage.....

The photo above is my big girl - just when you think
they are too old for dressing up, they get invited to 
a 'costumes mandatory' halloween party.  She decided
to resurrect the 'always a hit' nerd costume and spend the 
night in character!  

I have had some fun over the last week visiting some
favorite Portland spots.  I met up with some girlfriends
at St. Honore and enjoyed a morning of talking
business - we all work from home and are following
our passions while trying to strike that perfect balance
between work and family.  St. Honore is the perfect
place for 'water cooler conversation' - something lacking
when you work from home, mostly on your own.

Client work had me at Rejuvenation Hardware {photo upper left} - 
a Portland must-see for anyone into vintage fixtures, lighting and 
architectural salvage.  I won't even tell you how many gorgeous
claw foot bathtubs were in their back warehouse area!  

Working with a friend from Minnesota on some
choices for their new home, had me looking at 
fabrics from Lee Industries.  If you are looking for 
quality upholstery for a relatively affordable price {think a bit 
higher priced than Pottery Barn but WAY better quality}
check out Lee Industries.

And of course, last night had us out and about -
well not yours truly - {someone had to answer the door
and drink some Cabernet} - but my girls - one with
her friends and the other with her daddy.  

Lots of fun and candy was had by all!

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  1. Where would you recommend I look for fabric here in Portland. I want to recover the seats of my dining room chairs.

  2. That fabric looks fabulous!! Nice too have a good source for fabrics. For sure!!
    And I work at home too so water cooler convo is missed by me a lot!!
    My hubby and my BFF we both out of town at the same time...ack!! Can we say...talking needed!!!


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