Accessorizing......with taxidermy and other 'manly' things...

I spent another day styling in THIS client's home.

Today we worked in her formal living room.....a space
that is dominated by a beautiful baby grand piano and 
her hubby's prized deer head.....

So how does one ultra-feminine chick who loves all
things roses, vintage and frills decorate around taxidermy?

Very carefully.

Thankfully this client has quite a nice collection of vintage objects so we 
styled her bookcases with lots of 'manly-ish' accessories... {very technical decorator
terms I am using tonight}.

What does that mean, you ask?

Today, it meant old books, vintage hunting signs, a vintage
wine demi-john and an uber-cool old telephone box among
many other things...

Having such cool stuff makes a stylist's job easy!

Of course, I added some feminine touches so the room
really represents BOTH husband and wife.

Not many rooms can pull off vintage donkey statuary but this one does!
How cute is that face?

And here is the prized deer head - I love the frame around it!

These are the kinds of rooms that make my heart sing.....
they are personal and speak to the people who
live in the home.  Many a chi-chi foofy designers would
snub their noses at this room but in my opinion,  it's these
kinds of room that make your house a home.

My buddy Marc says it best......

5 comments on "Accessorizing......with taxidermy and other 'manly' things..."
  1. These are my favorite kind of rooms too!!! It looks great!


  2. Love the character of the objects in the room. The frame around the deer head really changes the look.

  3. I love antlers and stuffed fish in a room! I think people automatically assume that a room with taxidermy is lodgy or tacky but when done properly, it looks great! My husband actually is a taxidermist (and avid hunter and fisherman) aso it makes it a lot easier (and cheaper) for me to get some really cute "objects". :) My family is going to Florida in a week and a half and I am hoping to catch a really cool fish for him to stuff while we're there. :)

  4. Fun!!!!

    I just read about a
    design team in the WSJ
    that loves taxidermy. It
    does add a quirky dimension
    to a room, if it truly is your

    Happy Thursday, my friend.
    I'm on a plane headed to meet
    my mom for a long weekend : )
    Hope yours is great!

    xo Suzanne

  5. I cannot wait to see this house in person!! Melaine


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