One entry, two ways......

Remember last week when I said I was working with a e-Design
client on an entry/foyer project?  Well, I wanted to share with you
a bit about how these e-Design projects work.

Working via the internet is really
a different design process as I have to rely on the client to 
accurately represent the space and communicate how 
they want the space to look.  Often, this means many
emails back and forth, Pinterest board following and
sharing photos of the actual space.

The design board above was the first design board
I submitted to the client.

The board below is the final design board that
the client will execute.

Quite different, huh?

Ultimately, the client wanted a more neutral, traditional space
than the first design board indicated......

I have to say, I love the process of working across the miles 
with appreciative, lovely and fun homeowners.  It is really an honor!

You too can get in on the fun - my late night emails, quirky comments
and over-accessorizing!  Email me at jill.hinsondesigns@gmail.com
if you have a space that could use my help!  I would love
to work with you!

1 comment on "One entry, two ways......"
  1. They both look great! Can't wait to see what you come up with for me : )


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