May Day......best holiday ever...

Technically, from where I live, I haven't missed my opportunity
to wish you a happy May Day, it's 9:02 PST.
It's been a day, I will leave it at that.
Why is spring so dang busy????

I am a big fan of May Day....it's so much better than Christmas, 
Easter or Valentine's day because it involves no shopping, 
wrapping, cleaning, cooking or baking.  And might I say,
May Day gets no respect here in blogland - no link-up parties,
hour tours and the like......

May Day is just all about flowers and giving....
and enjoying the new life that spring brings....

I have plenty blooming in my yard and have 
been enjoying cuttings of viburnum 'snowball' and
lilacs.....Trader Joe's isn't getting my flower dollars theses days...

Come back, please, I have pretty photos coming.....

4 comments on "May Day......best holiday ever..."
  1. I like your new sofa table! Hooray for May Day!

  2. Me too Allie! Where did that other table go? Happy May!

  3. enjoy your posts it is very interesting to read thank you I really liked your article

  4. That's a lovely sofa table. I wish I have one.


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