Preserved Boxwood Wreath at Tar-jay!

Wreaths are hard to come by in the Pacific Northwest - well, let 
me clarify - good wreaths are to come by in the Pacific Northwest.
We tend to not be a 'put a wreath on it' kind of people.
Is it more a southern thing? Midwest?

Anyway, after I re-painted my front door, I impatiently
wanted to style-up my front porch, including
hanging a wreath.....

In my head, I pictured a preserved boxwood
wreath.  I remembered a cute garden
often carried preserved boxwood wreaths. So one
afternoon, I drove to the OTHER SIDE OF TOWN
only to learn that the 'cute garden store' had closed! Ugh!

In desperation I ended up in the Smith & Hawken aisle
at my local Target store contemplating whether
this wreath would cut it.....

It LOOKS like preserved boxwood but it's so fake, plus it had
{ahem, HAD} these stupid dried flaky things interspersed 
with the fake preserved boxwood....

My impatience won over and I purchased the wreath and brought
her home and proceeded to cut the dried flaky things off the wreath.

Super easy as there were not many!  

And for $24.99 {or was it $29.99?}, voila!

I added some black and white gingham ribbon and called
it good - 

Have a wonderful day!

11 comments on "Preserved Boxwood Wreath at Tar-jay!"
  1. I know where I'm going tomorrow...to get me a boxwood wreath! Thanks for the tip. My hubby wont be happy...he always asks why I go into Target for one thing and can never manage to leave there for under $100. :)

  2. I can't believe how much better that wreath looks with the little dried things cut out! It looks so pretty on your house - and you can't go wrong with gingham : )

  3. And Trader Jose's had the real ones for super cheap at Christmas time. I finally took mine down a few months ago.
    Your wreath looks great!

  4. I love a plain
    boxwood wreath
    and I love how
    you "Forever Cottaged"

    Mom says Noah's
    Ark may need to come
    to Portland/Van's rescue,
    soon--sorry about that!
    We had five days of it,
    recently, but at least it
    is FINALLY spring : )

    xo Suzanne

  5. That looks SO much better after you cut out the brown things...I have seen that wreath before, but have hesitated because those things turned me off. :)

    Also, just wondering what kind of dog you have? I spied a picture of him/her on your sidebar. My kids have been asking for a dog lately. Is yours good with litle kids? Thanks!

    1. Hi JoLyn!

      Both our dogs are mini-goldendoodles {a cross between a miniature poodle and a golden retriever} - they are super smart and so sweet. One has more poodle characteristics and the other more retriever. They crack us up all the time and are just great with kids.

  6. Oh, I am so heading there and agree those brown things do not do anything for the boxwood. I need to get my spring wreath down finally since its already 90 here in the South. The monogram wreaths are really in full swing here in SC--this simple approach is more my style.
    Crossing my fingers that the house will finally sell this weekend then! Love your style.

  7. I'm in agreement with Kristen...on my way to Target! Did you make the sweet little 'Shut the front door' sign? That is just adorable!

  8. That looks great. I still haven't found a wreath (or other door decoration) for summer so right now I have a naked front door. I'll have to look out for one like this - love it.

  9. i bought that same wreath at target a few months back but not for $24 (or $29)!...i think it was around $35 and when i was in there last week they had one other for the same price....i really would like another one but didn't buy it. you lucked out with your price!

  10. Love boxwood too, I think I found mine at Ballard!


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