No we didn't win.
But yesterday, as I paid for my groceries, I took note
of the lottery machine near the customer service desk.
I had NEVER before purchased a lottery ticket....
But yesterday, for some reason I felt compelled to do so.
I inserted some loose $1 dollar bills I had in my wallet and
began pushing buttons - immediately the machine told
me I had not put in enough money so I dug around
and added the appropriate amount - a whole $4.
I remembered that the news had mentioned that 
the Powerball jackpot was alot {whatever specifically
alot was, I did not know or remember}....but really what's 
another 100 million give or take...

I mentioned to my husband that I had purchased
lottery tickets last night and he told me the drawing had
just happened - who knew they drew Powerball numbers on
Wednesday night??? For some reason I thought I was
beating the weekend rush by buying my tickets on
Wednesday - humph!  

Turns out there is another drawing on Saturday and
the jackpot is something like $400 million bucks!

If I win, I am buying furniture and fabric.....,
beginning with the secretary pictured above....

Come back tomorrow for a fun giveaway I am 
hosting over the weekend - you may not
win Powerball but you can be a winner here
at good old Forever*Cottage......

It's a good giveaway,
but if I understand if you'd rather win Powerball,
me too.
8 comments on "Powerball...."
  1. Yeah, we have those talks too. We are buying a beautiful lot on the lake. :)

  2. I never play, now my husband is a different story:)

    1. What is it with the men? My hubby plays when the jackpot gets big too.

  3. I never play but it's so fun to daydream and plan out what I would do with the money :)

  4. I Heard on the radio today it's up to 500 million and if you're the single winner and choose the lump sum it's a 350 million pay out! I don't usually play but I may have to, that amount would definitely help put 3 through college in the next 10-15 years! I'd buy some furniture and fabric too though! Lol!


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  6. May one of us win this powerball thingey!!!

    What fun we would have


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