2014 - Let's get this party started…..with a look at my bathroom {before/after}.

For whatever reason,
sharing photos of my bathroom is sort of weird for me but I imagine you are
all just like me and love peeking inside the most intimate parts 
of other people's homes. {Tell me I am not the only one who loves
driving around at night and being able to peer inside the windows
of homes!}  I know, totally weirdo!
We really did a full cosmetic makeover in this guest bath over the last year, for very little $.
It all began with stripping wallpaper then adding beadboard and wainscoting
{thanks dad!}.
After those basics were done, I relied on styling the space
with some fun vintage finds and items that make it a personal space too.

I found the vintage brass combo cup/soap/toothbrush holder last
year at a flea market and knew it would be used in this bath.

The small painting is a beach scene of the Oregon coast and the 
number 4 is used all over our house…..cause there's 4 of us.

I found the 'Delaware Dr.' sign at another flea market and bought it
because my husband's company is headquartered in Delaware and
we lived there for a few years.
The bamboo shelf is another flea market find {I think I paid $5 for it} - the jars
are from Target.  I simply spray painted the lids gold.
And you all thought I wasn't crafty!

The French hatrack is something I have had for 
many years, has served many purposes in many homes.  Here
it serves as a great place to hang your towel when you in the shower.

As I was taking photos, this guy decided to photo bomb -
as he often does.  Such a poser!

And in case you are still here, and interested…..
this is what we started with!

I have lots of fun plans for 2014 - I can't wait to share them with you!

24 comments on "2014 - Let's get this party started…..with a look at my bathroom {before/after}."
  1. Incredible transformation! I love your flea market finds. So charming :)

  2. love it! where did you get your "wc" sign?

    1. Hmmmm, good questions. I would recommend searching online - even Etsy, I can't remember where I got mine, but there are so many out there.
      Good luck!

  3. Great transformation! I too love peering into windows when out and about at night! Glad I'm not the only weirdo. ;0)

  4. Jill, what a fabulous make over. I love all your vintage pieces especially the brass soap and toothbrush holder. What a great find. I have a French hat rack just like yours that I bought in France and am also using it in a bathroom.

  5. You're right, we love peeking inside other people's homes. All makeovers are interesting, even the bathroom! I love yours. What a huge improvement. Love all the details too. Great job!

  6. The first thing I noticed was your Delaware sign…then to read that you lived there!! So did we! Crazy! When and where were you there? We lived in Newark for 5 years. And by the way, the bathroom looks beautiful!! Great work!


  7. I always enjoy a peak into your home, your details are so amazing! The bathroom looks great and I'm totally with you on looking into others homes at night. It's just rude not to have your blinds/curtains open when the lights are on, right?

  8. Beautiful! It's all in those collected treasures. Love it

  9. LOVE LOVE everything about this transformation!!

  10. Jill- it looks so beautiful and classic. Great job! I love all the details you put in there.

  11. I LOVE the soap dish! And no...you aren't the only house stalker :-)

  12. I love it - such unique finds put together beautifully. If your curtains were open at night I would totally peek : )


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