A Fun Client Living Room

Hardy Living Room

My client is a young mom{and dad} with four small children who all 
by herself has great taste and does a fine job decorating
her home.  However, I am happy she has sought my
advice to help her finish spaces in their new larger home.

This formal living space has high ceilings, and gets 
lots of light.  After I suggested SW Urbane Bronze as a 
paint color choice for her new kitchen island, my client 
fell in love with the color and painted the living room
walls Urbane Bronze too!  It is a dramatic, dark color -
not meant for many spaces but this room gets load of 
light and has lots of white millwork to balance the
dark walls.  

We are working with some existing, more traditional pieces
already in the living room.  When I crafted the design
board for the space I tried to make the space feel 'young',
layered, yet traditional too.  For example, I mixed the vintage
bird prints with a more contemporary art piece - and
added a ghost chair {knock-off} which will be paired with a very
traditional secretary that is already in the space.

This style is REALLY me.  And working with
clients who trust me and collaborate with me is just 
the best!  I also happen to think it yields the best design results.

I am going to be updating my design services page {above} - 
about time, huh?  However, it has taken this long
to really decide what types of services I prefer to offer, 
what I am best at offering as well as making sure I offer
services that best meet the needs of local AND
e-design clients.
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