The Atlanta Market

Well, I'm home!  I am feeling inspired, overwhelmed and sort of exhausted!

To say the trip/experience was a whirlwind is an understatement.
I really didn't know what to expect when my friend asked
 me to come along saying she thought it would be
good for my business.  

Believe it or not, whenI began helping 
clients decorate their homes, I really had
no intention of purchasing wholesale.  My original plan
when I decided to dip my toes, so to speak, in the decorating
biz was to advise clients on mass market sources and allow
them to do the buying - for me it was not as much a 
financial commitment and for the client it means that
they don't typically pay me as much as they would a
traditional interior designer.  However, as my business
has grown, I know that I will need to offer wholesale
buying services - it just opens up more options for my clients.
 I was a total newbie - as I walked around not fully understanding
how all of it worked but that quickly changed.

It is a true sensory overload!

As just a longtime retail shopper, especially for home decor
products, it was so fun to see the showrooms of some of
my favs - Sugarboo, Design Legacy, Two's Company and
BoBo Intriguing Objects just to name a few!

I also discovered some new favorites too.
And I loved being in the South!  It's the land
of blingy-bling, monograms galore and
barbecue everything!  Walking the market and
listening to all the southern accents was fun
for this yankee-girl.  My only disappointment
was not connecting with some blog friends at the
market - between the harried pace and the bad
cell service inside the mart, it just didn't happen
and I am sorry for that ……but there's always
next year!

5 comments on "The Atlanta Market"
  1. So glad you had a fun first experience! Yes, the Mart is nuts during shows-what's really fun is to shop the gift building when there's no shows going on and stock up on fun, trendy jewelry (or your engagement and wedding bands and other fine pieces!). It's cute to hear your impressions of the South :-) Wish the weather had been better. How was Scotts and did you get to eat anywhere yummy?

  2. I'm so jealous! I was supposed to go, but a snow storm and a bout of shingles had other plans for me. Ugh! I'm in the same boat, trying to figure out the wholesale side of the business. Hope I can make the next one. Looks like there was some fabulous eye candy :)

    1. Hope you are feeling better! It was definitely worthwhile and a learning experience!

  3. yes please tell me there's always next year....by the time the weather calmed down i couldn't swing getting over there.
    glad you loved it!
    i LOVE sugarboo!!


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