A fresh start, a clean slate…my beginning.

"Anything is possible"…..I have been an eternal optimist {mostly}
 throughout my life, so I always love the seemingly new beginning
that the start of the new year brings.  

I know it doesn't make sense, pick a
random day in a month and it could be YOUR new 
beginning but a fresh start but for me is officially on the biggies - new years,
the day my kids go back to school after summer vacation or
even at the first signs of spring.  They are my personal trimesters.

I'm pretty sure that where I am in life 
with my children and family determines
 my beginnings and endings. And I'm going with it…….
and holding on for dear life to the surge of optimism, energy
and hopeful feelings that 'anything is possible'.

I happily make lists and plans and goals….
I strategize and plot and make more lists, 
I organize and purge……..
 and with way more giddiness than 
I probably should admit to, 
I happily cross off items on my lists
……..anything is possible!

The first place that feels my energy is usually my home - after
all the Christmas decor is put away I go into
super re-arrange mode and this year was no different.  

My mantle was cleared and restyled with some favorites - I 
know it's a little weird to have a mirror with hooks on
it but I had it in the closet and I like the light a mirror
reflects during these darker Pacific Northwest winters.
The large antlers are from an elk and found by my
brother near his home in Colorado - he brought
them to me at Thanksgiving.  The vintage brass candle
sticks have been collected over the years - mostly found
at thrift stores for less that $8 a piece.  I break my
"no faux plants" design rule for these crazy 
cool faux boxwood-like orbs - what can I say, I 
am a plant killer and crave greens in the winter.

Here's wishing you all fresh starts in 2014!
6 comments on "A fresh start, a clean slate…my beginning."
  1. it's so pretty!!!
    i love your light reflecting mirror and the elk antler and the white urn and green and brass...and all of it
    happy new year you eternal optimist! i love it!

  2. It looks great!! Wishing you luck with all the new beginnings.

  3. I totally agree with your new beginnings attitude. Anything is possible!! People have given me grief over the years saying that I am a Pollyanna because of my optimistic attitude but it is my nature so I try to stay true! Happy purging, organizing and fluffing!

  4. Yes….love the mantel….simple and pretty :) Happy New Year!


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